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By John Verified Buyer
New York, NY

The jeans are top shelf - many thanks!

I very much appreciate your philosophy of working with quality materials and accomplished craftsmen. Makes all the difference.

Customer since 05/17/2014 Reviewing: Jeans This is John's first review

By Sam Verified Buyer
Harrington Park, NJ

They fit perfectly!!

Keep in touch. I need to familiarize myself with your website for placing future orders. Be well Todd, you’re a gentleman.

Customer since 11/17/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Sam's first review

By Pat Verified Buyer
Silver Spring, MD

Love them.

Your shirts are beautiful and they fit like they're tailored for me.

Customer since 04/19/2019 Reviewing: Shirts This is Pat's first review

By Bobby Verified Buyer
Spartanburg, SC

Quite good.

Wore my new dress shirt yesterday to church and am wearing it right now at work. My wife is after me now to cycle out some of my older shirts and replace them. I wish you continued success with your company.

Customer since 06/09/2022 Reviewing: Shirts This is Bobby's first review

By Dan Verified Buyer
Williamsville, NY

Here's to continued success...

I've received a lot of compliments on the t-shirt I received. If I could, I would purchase my clothing only from Todd Shelton. It's great to purchase quality products that are made in the States. Thank you for doing what you do. I wish you continued success on the growth of your company. Thanks again.

Customer since 10/07/2022 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Dan's first review

By Kurtis Verified Buyer
Washington, DC

You and your company are brilliant

You make the best shirts and jeans I have come across and I will be purchasing more.

Customer since 06/05/2014 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Kurtis's first review

By Jordan Verified Buyer
New York, NY

Everything is wonderful.

I received the jeans a few days ago. I wore them this weekend.The denim feels thick, heavy and has amazing overall construction. With "designer" clothing becoming more trendy and commonplace, it's hard to find a pair of quality, comfortable jeans. I've been telling my brother and some friends about your website as well. I also plan to place an order for some khakis soon. Thanks.

Customer since 10/19/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Jordan's first review

By Stephen Verified Buyer
Charlotte, NC

Well done.

I'm sitting here wearing the white t-shirt, and, man, this is the nicest feeling t-shirt I've ever worn. The weight, the softness, the fitted collar--it's first class in every way. And I've never felt compelled to write about a t-shirt before. You should be proud of this product.

Customer since 01/17/2023 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Stephen's first review

By Fred Verified Buyer
Simi Valley, CA

Thank you again for the great look.

These are now the best fitting jeans and t-shirt that I own. The first of the month I will order another set no question about it.

Customer since 08/26/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, T-Shirts This is Fred's first review

By Jason Verified Buyer
Charlotte, NC

I am very impressed with my order.

I had high expectations - probably too high. I've tried all sorts of shirts - Thomas Pink, Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers - none fit my size - 5'7" with 32" sleeve. I always looked sloppy. Your shirts fit perfect and look great. I will be ordering more soon. I took a risk with the jeans and ordered them over the internet. Didn't think they would fit since it is so hard to size them. They fit perfectly. I will be ordering another pair at some point. I will recommend your products to friends and family.

Customer since 07/28/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Jason's first review

By Eric Verified Buyer
Milwaukee, WI

Holy **** the jeans fit great!

Looks like my Levis will be donated to the local homeless shelter.

Customer since 09/26/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Eric's first review

By Todd Verified Buyer
Catherdral City, CA

Everything is perfect

I love the clothes I ordered. Perfect fit. Perfect style. I'm so proud to be wearing clothes of superior quality made in U.S.A

Customer since 01/17/2023 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts, T-Shirts This is Todd's first review

By Naveen Verified Buyer
Reno , NV

There is a difference.

I bought two of the shirts and both worked incredibly well. They were the most comfortable shirts I have worn casually and with suits. Plus I received compliments on their look and fit compared to other dress shirts.

Customer since 06/17/2021 Reviewing: Shirts This is Naveen's first review

By Randal Verified Buyer
Virginia, MN

Awesome quality!

I was given one Todd Shelton shirt about 5 years ago. Since that time I have been given several more shirts and they are my favorite! I still wear the Black long sleeve crew I was given 5 years ago. The sizes are great, so many options to get the right fit. The M/L is just the size for me. In fact I'm wearing one of the shirts right now! Keep up the good work!

Customer since 12/27/2017 Reviewing: Shirts This is Randal's first review

By Kristen Verified Buyer
Chicago, IL

Have a lovely day

My husband absolutely loves his new jeans and I love him in them! Thank you so very much for your wonderful product and fantastic customer service.

Customer since 09/05/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Service This is Kristen's first review

By Tom Verified Buyer
Eagle Nest, NM

Thanks for supporting American Jobs and American made products.

Absolutely the best to do business with. Todd Shelton shirts are the best and my favorite shirts I now own. Jeans are the most comfortable in my closet. I normally don't write reviews for business's but I felt your business was well deserving. Outstanding job on an outstanding company. Look forward to doing business with you for years to come. Thanks!

Customer since 05/13/2013 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Tom's first review

By Michael Verified Buyer
Red Bank, NJ

Thanks Todd and continued success.

Since the days of the Soho store, I have purchased and worn these T's. Nothing on the market has come close to the weight and quality of these shirts. And of course the "personal" service this website provides is unmatched online.

Customer since 02/03/2013 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Michael's first review

By Daniel Verified Buyer
Lake Forest, IL

And they are Made in USA!

Best pair of pants I've ever owned, period. The fabric is heavy and gorgeous and the cut of the original flat front seems to work well for me. They're the perfect pair of pants and an exceptional value considering the amount of wear I give them.

Customer since 05/12/2017 Reviewing: Pants This is Daniel's first review

By Damian Verified Buyer
Germantown, NY

Very good job

Thanks I received my order on Saturday. I have to compliment you on how fast the shipping was. I chose your product because I am a union worker and I realized I have really no clothes made in the States. Found your site online, read reviews and figured I would give it a shot. I love the jeans. Very strong and comfy.

Customer since 10/28/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Damian's first review

By Joe Verified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

I can tell your shirts will be my "Go-To's"

The construction and quality have far-exceeded the conventional. It irons and drapes very well. These are just a couple of my measures of how much I'll like a shirt. It also just pairs so well with many of my pants and shoes. You've got another winner. Though very simple the pattern creates that illusion of a solid color until very near. I think that drives women wild, lol. Another added benefit to a Todd Shelton. I so appreciate your approach to a classic design and garment construction. The only way I can describe it is, "It's just a NICE shirt." Many times we buy things and whatever they are they don't get nearly the use that we convince ourselves they will. So it goes with clothing and shoes. Todd, I'll be wearing my Todd Shelton shirts until they can't be worn anymore. What you do is inspirational.

Customer since 06/01/2022 Reviewing: Shirts This is Joe's first review

By Timothy Verified Buyer
Milwaukee, WI

Love them

I love these jeans. They are everything I would want in a jean, and I mean that sincerely. I'm so glad they are simply good quality jeans with no bells and whistles. Thank you so much. Your quality and customer service have been wonderful and much appreciated.

Customer since 04/09/2019 Reviewing: Jeans, Service This is Timothy's first review

By Daniel Verified Buyer
Scottsburg, IN

Best shirt I have bought.

Great feel and fit. Keep up the same great quality and I will keep coming back.

Customer since 02/24/2017 Reviewing: Shirts This is Daniel's first review

By Jay Verified Buyer
Cincinnati, OH


I am impressed with the quality of the denim and am enjoying the break-in process right now. I am most impressed with the customer service. This is the type of brand I want to do business with and I plan to order a shirt sometime in the near future.

Customer since 09/03/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Service This is Jay's first review

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