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Short Sleeve Seersucker

Seersucker has a rich history as a fabric suited for the high heat and humidity of Summer. The unique puckering effect causes the fabric to raise up slightly, keeping you cool. Pack one in your weekend bag this Summer.   

Seersucker enjoys a rich history as a fabric comfortably worn in the high heat and humidity of Summer. 

Chambray Series

Chambray has roots in workwear, favored for its durable, casual comfort. Our chambray is mid to lightweight, offering excellent wearability all year. Chambray pairs best with jeans and khakis. Shirts Made in USA.

Chambray allows for versatility, offering year-round wear and a wide range of looks.

Standard Poplin Series

Poplin, also called broadcloth, is the most common shirt fabric. Our Standard Poplin is a midweight fabric, soft and light to the touch. These classic shirts work well with trousers, khakis and jeans.

Poplins are versatile and works best with trousers, khakis and jeans.

Casual Oxford Series

Oxford is a casual favorite within menswear, worn most famously with selvedge denim jeans. At 140 gr/m, it's a popular, comfortable, and durable oxford, best for everyday wear. Fabric milled in Portugal. Shirt made in USA.

A popular, comfortable, and durable oxford - best for everyday wear.

Classic Oxford Series

Soft and luxurious. Three ends of fine 75 gauge yarn twisted together to create a refined, distinct oxford weave pattern. It's traditional oxford at its best. Shirt fabric milled in Italy. Shirts made in USA.

With the substantial weight of nostalgic oxford, it's a staple in any man's wardrobe.

Linen Shirt Series

Linen is a seasonal favorite and a classic summer fabric. Airy and breathable, it's a natural choice for the warmer months. Made in 100% linen milled in Portugal. Shirts made in USA.

Airy and breathable, Linen is a natural choice for hot days and nights.

Band Collar Shirts

Band collar shirts offer a modern look and cool-for-Summer collarless style. Linen, Oxford and Chambray are featured in today's band collar release, but all Todd Shelton shirts are available today only in a band collar option.

Band collar shirts offer a modern look and cool for Summer collarless style. Available in linen, oxford and chambray. 

Overshirt Series

The Overshirt Series adds a casual, workwear-inspired option to your shirt collection. Worn easy and relaxed, over a henley or t-shirt or layered over sweaters and sweatshirts. Made in a soft, brushed cotton with a flannel hand.

The Overshirt Series is designed as a casual shirting option. 

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