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By Chris Verified Buyer
Littleton, CO

The best made t-shirts I have ever worn.

I received it yesterday and wore it today to work...Fantastic shirt!

Customer since 09/08/2022 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Chris's first review

By Ron Verified Buyer
Wilton, CT


Jessica, the pants I received are absolutely exactly what I wanted! I love them.... As soon as I get them hemmed, I'll send you a picture. They fit perfectly- (they fit my butt awesomely-is that a word?)

Customer since 04/17/2014 Reviewing: Pants This is Ron's first review

By Romin Verified Buyer
Claremont, NH

Everything I ordered fits great

Hi Erica, I love it all. The dress shirt became my favorite shirt right out of the box! Be assured I will be ordering more in the near future. It's nice to see "Made in the USA" on quality clothing.

Customer since 01/18/2021 Reviewing: Shirts, Pants This is Romin's first review

By Joe Verified Buyer
Columbia, MO


The Pro Original jeans arrived yesterday and I LOVE them! It was a case of immediate comfort, as soon as I put them on! Perfect fit. Wonderful fabric.I can't begin to describe what a great experience it is to buy Todd Shelton! Congratulations on working so hard to establish a fantastic company! Until now, I have never felt compelled to write a company before with praise for the entire purchasing experience. From the ease of navigating and using a clean and elegant Web site, through receiving the order - it has been a very gratifying experience. And, as if that wasn't enough, I can wear my jeans and feel good that I have bought American-made products. What a win-win situation!

Customer since 06/02/2017 Reviewing: Service, Jeans This is Joe's first review

By Alex Verified Buyer
Carson City, NV

You are amazing!

The shirts came today and they're perfect..did I say you were amazing! I do appreciate your fantastic customer service, we will order from you again.

Customer since 09/23/2022 Reviewing: Shirts This is Alex's first review

By Bradley Verified Buyer
Dulce, NM

Thanks for such a fine product!

Great shirt, excellent craftsmanship, fit is perfect.

Customer since 01/04/2015 Reviewing: Shirts This is Bradley's first review

By William Verified Buyer
Los Gatos, CA

Long-time satisfied customer...

Your khakis fit perfectly. I will be ordering more.

Customer since 11/19/2015 Reviewing: Pants This is William's first review

By Gary Verified Buyer
New York, NY

I LOVE your shirts

Hi Todd, the shirts fit incredibly well. I had a few shirts tailored for me during a trip to Shanghai and they still don't fit me as well as yours do.

Customer since 01/02/2014 Reviewing: Shirts This is Gary's first review

By Kristian Verified Buyer
Sioux Falls, SD

Happy husband

My husband got the clothes earlier this week and he is wearing and loving them. Just wanted to let you know about the hoodie, it's my favorite! Please let us know when you get new products in.

Customer since 09/29/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts, Sweatshirts This is Kristian's first review

By Matt Verified Buyer
Lynchburg, VA

I recommend

I have had several of the shirts over the past 4 years. To date, they still hold their shape wonderfully. With each laundering, they get better. That to me shows value beyond most any other clothing line out there! I will continue to recommend and buy clothing from this great company.

Customer since 04/04/2017 Reviewing: Shirts This is Matt's first review

By Glenn Verified Buyer
Montclair, NJ

Thank you for such a quality product!!

I received a pair of TODD SHELTON jeans for my birthday recently and I literally wear them at every chance I get. I've been toying with the idea of throwing out my 8 or 9 other pairs of jeans and just stocking up on TODD SHELTON. Thank you for such a quality product!!

Customer since 10/02/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Glenn's first review

By Edward Verified Buyer
Milwaukee, WI

The jeans fit to a charm.

I've never seen such a triumph in all of my existence. Thank you for your diligence and commitment to superior customer service.

Customer since 07/02/2019 Reviewing: Service, Jeans This is Edward's first review

By Jesse Verified Buyer
New York, NY

I'm glad I came upon your website

I received a pair of your jeans and a shirt as a gift. Those two items have become favorites in my closet.

Customer since 07/20/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Jesse's first review

By Marcos Verified Buyer
Chicago, IL

Good experience

Bought a pair of jeans and Aussie Dusters. Both pants fit great, the jeans have a great feel and I can tell they are going to last a long time. I am going to buy more products based on my current experience.

Customer since 11/03/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Pants This is Marcos's first review

By Charles Verified Buyer
Los Angeles, CA

Perfect fit, thanks

I received the shirt and jeans yesterday, and both fit perfectly. Thanks so much for your patience and assistance.

Customer since 07/13/2014 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Charles's first review

By Darren Verified Buyer
Metairie, LA

Made in the USA = better fit

Thanks for the processing the order so quickly. The jeans are great, fit perfectly. And, the t-shirt is the best fitting one I have ever had. See what can be done when thing are made in the USA. I will be ordering again.

Customer since 09/05/2017 Reviewing: Jeans, T-Shirts This is Darren's first review

By Paul Verified Buyer
Bristol, PA

Couldn't be happier!

Just wanted to report I received my order, and the shirts and pants fit absolutely perfectly.

Customer since 03/01/2015 Reviewing: Shirts, Pants This is Paul's first review

By Burton Verified Buyer
Somerville, MA

My wife approves.

I received the jeans on Saturday morning, and the fit, as judged by my wife, is perfect. Thank you for another excellent product.

Customer since 10/30/2021 Reviewing: Jeans This is Burton's first review

By Spencer Verified Buyer
Charlotte, NC

I love your company!

I got my order and, wow, the pants and the t-shirt are all perfect fits. Thank you so much.

Customer since 08/24/2022 This is Spencer's first review

By Georgios Verified Buyer
Springfield Gardens, NY

A BIG thank you

The jeans, and I am being totally honest, were the best-fitting and most-comfortable ones that i have ever tried. I was even surprised myself. Everything is great; from the material to the length and the fit is perfect. I am planning to place another order soon, to stock-pile for the future. Thanks again for your generous service, and I am looking forward to doing business with you again!

Customer since 07/07/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Georgios's first review

By Luis Verified Buyer
Houston, TX


The shirt is absolutely impeccable.

Customer since 01/17/2023 Reviewing: Shirts This is Luis's first review

By Josh Verified Buyer
Arlington, MA

This is my new go-to place for clothes

You guys nailed it on the sizing for both the jeans and the shirt. I tried this stuff on and I said to myself “wow, all this time I think I’d been buying clothes that didn’t fit me!” This was the best possible outcome. The shirt you sent was awesome. Thank you for this amazing customer service experience. I’ve already spread the word to my friends. I look forward to placing more orders with you. Thanks again!

Customer since 08/28/2021 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Josh's first review

By Stephen Verified Buyer
East Aurora, NY

So far, I am definitely impressed!

I received the shirt this week. The sleeve length is perfect and the collar when buttoned is also very comfortable. The length of the shirt is also good. The body of the shirt is a little roomy on me, but not baggy. It's comfortable and I can easily move around in it. I'll see how it fits after washing it, and I'll let you know if I have any problems.

Customer since 08/11/2022 Reviewing: Shirts This is Stephen's first review

By John Verified Buyer
New York, NY

The jeans are top shelf - many thanks!

I very much appreciate your philosophy of working with quality materials and accomplished craftsmen. Makes all the difference.

Customer since 05/17/2014 Reviewing: Jeans This is John's first review

By Sam Verified Buyer
Harrington Park, NJ

They fit perfectly!!

Keep in touch. I need to familiarize myself with your website for placing future orders. Be well Todd, you’re a gentleman.

Customer since 11/17/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Sam's first review