The Original Professional Blue Jean

For over one decade, one classic jean.

They’ve been our best-seller for over 10 years for a reason.

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Made in America

Hand crafted, on-demand, in our East Rutherford, NJ factory. Schedule a factory tour and see how we make your jeans.

Highest-quality denim

Proven, consistent quality that lasts for years and gets better with age. Using the best yarns, dyeing, and weaving.

Guaranteed to fit

With a range of fit options and personal service, we successfully fit 97% of customers, with a money-back guarantee.

Outfits for work and life

Identifying your best outfit for different occasions can help create mental clarity when dressing and shopping.

Hero Outfits

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Designed to work. Together.

Too often, we struggle to put an outfit together in a closet full of clothes - our wardrobes are out of balance. The colors, fabrics, fits and styles - they’re not in harmony. Our mission is to help men transform their wardrobe into a cohesive team of garments that fit consistently and easily work together.

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  • "Shelton's manufacturing puts a twist on online shopping. At the intersection of off-the-rack and bespoke tailoring."
  • "It’s a clothing company that makes their own clothes in their own factory with their own employees."
  • "Todd Shelton, a fashion designer who makes sleek separates and sells them online, sews his clothes at a factory in East Rutherford, N.J."
  • "The casual and classic menswear brand is perfect for the conscious gentleman, and their high quality wardrobe staples will last a lifetime."

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