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Todd Shelton helps men dress for the evolving workplace - and better connect across generations and worldviews.

Work is shifting rapidly. The lines have blurred, along with our expectations of how we dress for an evolving workplace. Men’s clothing has become more casual. More varied. More generational. And more expressive than ever.

Men who simplify their style have a greater opportunity to connect across generations and worldviews, establish a more relatable presence, and better position themselves in the workplace.

Todd Shelton helps men of all ages stay current and maintain a consistent, professional identity through clothing. By leveraging timeless style and minimal design, Todd Shelton transforms your wardrobe into a cohesive team of garments that work together.

  • Incorporated in 2013
  • All products are made in-house, in New Jersey
  • Sold directly to customers online (not sold in stores)
  • Product design focuses on a wide range of proprietary fit options, manufactured and delivered consistently, order-to-order
  • Currently a 10 person team, including founder, Todd Shelton

Founder, Todd Shelton