Start each day
clear minded.

Our purpose is to make your clothing fit exactly the way you want, consistently. So getting dressed each day is easy and distraction-free.

Our story starts here

As a young kid I began to recognize that my clothing had the power to affect my day, both positively and negatively.

By 13 or 14, I had realized it wasn’t fashion (or clothing related to self-expression) that affected me, it was fit. If my clothing fit how I wanted, I started the day on a positive note. If it didn't, I started the day distracted.

I figured if I could get my clothing to fit the way I wanted every day, I could solve the problem of my clothing being a distraction. I'd later learn other guys had similar thoughts about clothing and I wrote about it here.

The first product

After graduating college I moved to New York City. I found a job with a clothing company and enrolled at Parson’s School of Design to learn how to make clothing. The plan was to learn enough about clothing to start this company.

Three years later, I released my first product -- a solid white t-shirt. What made that t-shirt different was in-between sizes, i.e., sizes in-between S, M, L, and XL. I was in-between sizes and I knew other guys were too. Today, in-between sizes account for half of our shirt sales.

Selling directly to people

To sell that t-shirt, I knew I couldn't sell to stores. I knew I had to sell directly to the people who would wear it. Stores wouldn't want to inventory twice as many sizes and their employees wouldn't be prepared to work with fit minded customers. So I sold at street markets in SOHO, any weekend above 45 degrees, for three years.

In 2006, I launched my first online store.

We needed our own factory

For the first eight years, I outsourced manufacturing. But I realized outsourcing didn't give us the flexibility or control to solve fit problems for guys. So I built a factory in New Jersey. Our seamstresses shipped their first product in August 2012 -- a jean.

Now all of our products are made inside our East Rutherford, NJ factory. The factory gives our production and service team the tools they need to help customers meet their individual fit requirements.

Less, but best

With the collection, I limit the number of fabrics offered within a category. I only offer what I know to be the best fabric for a specific product. Limiting fabrics does a few things : 1) makes decisions easier for the customer, 2) gives me confidence that I'm only offering the best product, and 3) keeps fit consistent (different fabrics fit differently).

A desire to be relatable

I design clothing that doesn’t rely on sending economic and societal signals. I resist logos and trends. Instead I lean on the proven success of timeless style and minimal design. My hope is to establish a relatable presence for my customer to connect across generations and worldviews by communicating shared sensibilities with the people they come in contact with.

Don't change the product

My vision for the collection is to be a family of best-in-class products that don’t change. I want customers who find a product they like, to be able to buy the same exact product when they need to replace it years later.

Our purpose today

Today the purpose of our work is to help people who care about fit buy clothing that fits the way they want. The value is in saving them time by eliminating distractions and becoming a consistent clothing resource they can depend on. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this story can help you relate to why I started this company, the way we operate, and the purpose of our work going forward.