Our Story

After years of working like every clothing brand, we felt we weren’t making a difference.

We knew clothing could be so much better for people. But to make it better, we'd have to think differently.

We thought, what if every brand had to make its own products, in its own factory. Would that make products different? Yes, that would be exciting.

We decided to roll up our sleeves and build a factory for ourselves.

Things changed overnight. Turns out, the factory was the difference we were searching for.

Our focus shifted from marketing to making. We were hands-on, making patterns, cutting fabrics, fixing sewing machines. Our work was fulfilling.

Customers started asking, ‘Could you make this one thing fit better?’ And for the first time we could say, ‘Yes, we can’. The factory started changing the product.

The factory started changing us too. We couldn’t just talk about values-based things like working conditions and sustainability. Now, we had the power to do something.

We set up a way of sewing that’s dignified. Our seamstresses make garments start-to-finish and are paid living wages.

We adopted the only sustainable way to manufacture, we make a product only when a customer needs it. It really reduces waste.

The factory and actually making things, changes how we see our world. It gives us a chance to make a difference for everyone involved.

Come visit our factory. Let us show you around.