In April 2005, Todd Shelton opened its doors in downtown Manhattan and established itself among locals as a brand for fit-focused basics. In 2012, the company relocated ten miles outside of NYC to create a factory that is home to all brand operations today. Over the past 18 years, Todd Shelton has expanded to serve people in all 50 states. The company is known for its consistent quality and long-term customer relationships.

  • Purpose

    We serve detail-minded men who care about how their clothing fits. We help them find the fit they need, and we deliver that fit consistently, order-to-order, year after year.

  • Design

    We design high-frequency wear garments (i.e., basics), and specialize in fit solutions.

  • Brand

    We choose a neutral point of view.

  • Fabric

    When we find the right fabric for a specific product, our plan is to run it indefinitely so that our customers can depend on it.

  • Shopping

    We strive to present a disciplined collection to minimize shopping decisions.

  • Labor and environment

    We take responsibility for how our business impacts people and the environment. More info

  • Made in USA

    Todd Shelton products are manufactured exclusively in our East Rutherford, New Jersey factory from imported fabrics.

  • Todd

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