Designed and Made in New Jersey

About Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton is an American fashion brand headquartered ten miles outside of Manhattan in East Rutherford, NJ. All Todd Shelton collections are manufactured within the company's NJ headquarters and sold through its e-commerce shop. Todd Shelton customers are serious and forward-thinking. They care about quality and attention to detail in their clothing and value long-term relationships based on stability and predictability.


Todd Shelton differentiates itself through industry-leading size and fit options. The brand’s in-house manufacturing capabilities provide the flexibility to respond to customer fit needs. Todd Shelton excels at communicating with customers about the fit of their clothing. Customer service specialists work with customers to identify fit solutions.


Design Philosophy


Todd Shelton collections are defined by simplicity. Simplicity removes disorder in a wardrobe and creates certainty when choosing what to wear. The design goal is create garments for high-frequency wear.


When consumers find something great, they want long-term access to it. This is what Todd Shelton does best. Offer only the best garments and make them available for long-term reordering. The brand keeps its eye on trends and makes subtle changes to keep the products current. But the jeans and shirts, and they way they fit, they’re always available.


Made in America

Todd Shelton exclusively manufactures all of its products in the brand's East Rutherford, NJ factory.


Founder, Todd Shelton, believes design without manufacturing is simply marketing, and companies that commit to manufacturing the product they design display a higher ambition for their customer, product, and company.


Owning and operating a US factory allows the design and production teams to work side by side. Unlike typical factory piece work, Todd Shelton seamstresses are responsible for crafting each garment start-to-finish. They complete every operation themselves, there’s dignity and respect in the work. It's manufacturing that benefits both customer and seamstress.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Todd Shelton quietly practices a sincere, sustainable and socially responsible business model:


  • Todd Shelton seamstresses are employed directly by the brand in its New Jersey headquarters. Direct employment is the only method that guarantees the clothing is being manufactured in a work environment that meets the brand’s standards for worker pay, safety, and respect.


  • The wholesale clothing industry, unregulated, over-produces garments and over-uses natural resources at epidemic levels. Todd Shelton's lean manufacturing, 'no-inventory' business model reacts quickly to customer demand and eliminates waste associated with over-production.


  • The brand avoids the unnecessary use of animal products. No leather patches on jeans, and all shirt buttons are made with synthetic material, not animal bone.


  • Todd Shelton purchases fabrics only from textile mills in countries with similar labor and environmental standards as the USA. Todd Shelton fabrics originate from USA, Portugal, Japan, Germany, Italy, and England. Todd Shelton will not purchase fabrics from countries with irresponsible environmental or human rights laws.



Store Location

Customers are encouraged to come to our East Rutherford, NJ showroom. To schedule a visit, call (844) 626-6355 or email us.


The Todd Shelton factory and studio are located ten miles from midtown Manhattan, in East Rutherford, NJ (map).




By Train: Take New Jersey Transit to Rutherford Station, just a 26-minute train ride from New York Penn Station. Contact us and we will happily arrange transport from Rutherford Station to the factory.


By Car: The Todd Shelton Factory is located at 450 Murray Hill Parkway, Door C2 in East Rutherford, NJ 07073. Take East Rutherford’s Union Ave, go over the railroad tracks and straight about 300 yards. Turn right at the first right (no street sign, but this is Murray Hill Parkway). Follow Murray Hill Parkway towards the end, turning left just before the dead end. Go about 200 yards and turn left into the parking lot by Door C2. There are reserved parking spaces for C2. Enter door C2 and walk upstairs. Walk straight back to the rear of the building to the white walls. Or call and someone will meet you (844) 626-6355.  


About Todd

(Pictured above) Originally from Tennessee, Todd Shelton moved to New York City after college to begin the Todd Shelton brand. He gained experience working in the fashion industry and attended Parson’s the New School for Design. Todd is the head designer and leads the brand's operations. He resides in Jersey City, NJ. 



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