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By Jesse Verified Buyer
Minneapolis, MN

Slub T-Shirts are AMAZING!

I have been a regular buyer of Todd Shelton products for awhile now and generally want to try out any new fabris. The slub t-shirts are absolutely unreal. They feel hefty and substantial enough while having a good flow. I am hoping there are more colors in the future since these have quickly become my most favorite shirts!

Customer since 06/12/2023 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Jesse's first review

By Steven Verified Buyer
Edina, MN

Cotton T-Shirts

Hi, I recently purchased three made-to-order cotton t-shirts from Todd Shelton, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The fit is perfect, tailored to my exact measurements, which makes a world of difference compared to off-the-rack options. The quality of the fabric is exceptional – soft, durable, and incredibly comfortable against the skin. Plus, the craftsmanship is top-notch, with attention to detail evident in every stitch.

Customer since 05/11/2019 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Steven's first review

By M Verified Buyer
New York, NY

Great service and quality

I was looking for a comfortable pair of pants suitable for work, and the support team recommended the Aussie Duster Safari pants. After doing the fitting at home, the pants fit and look great. I'll probably get another pair.

Customer since 06/17/2020 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Pants This is M's first review

By John Verified Buyer
Hudson, FL

Regular customer, primarily jeans

I've been a regular customer of Todd Shelton products, primarily jeans, for a number of years. Top quality and service are a natural extension of the brand, along with contemporary color schemes, material blends, and styles. It's difficult to find a perfect fit with any jean, but Todd Shelton comes about as close as you can get without sacrificing the overall look. Todd Shelton remains my #1 jean of choice, without exception.

Customer since 05/29/2012 Reviewing: Service, Jeans This is John's first review

By Jay Verified Buyer
Boston, MA

Linen shirts for summer

I recently purchased a linen shirt from Todd Shelton and I immediately liked it. Color was just as I expected and the fit was perfect. That’s the best part for me - customizing the fit since I am not a standard size. The linen fabric can’t be beat either.

Customer since 02/22/2023 Reviewing: Shirts This is Jay's first review

By Patrick Verified Buyer
Effingham, IL

Fit and fabrics are really great

Todd Shelton shorts fit is perfect. I don't like wearing any other pairs. The fabrics are top notch, too. Service is excellent. If anything is wrong, or small changes need to be made, there's no problem whatsoever. I'd recommend Todd Shelton to anyone, really.

Customer since 06/27/2020 Reviewing: T-Shirts, Shorts This is Patrick's first review

By Josh Verified Buyer
Washington, DC

Amazing as always

Just bought a merino button up. Amazing quality and comfort! A+ as always

Customer since 02/10/2022 Reviewing: Pants This is Josh's first review

By Perry Verified Buyer
Placitas, NM

Great, as always.

My third pair of Aussie dusters. As always, the fabric, fit, workmanship and service were great. I'm sorry these are being discontinued.

Customer since 09/17/2017 Reviewing: Service, Pants This is Perry's first review

By Jason Verified Buyer
Lafayette LA

Well done

I took advantage of the home try-on service before ordering my dress shirt. Everything worked out well. The quality of the garment and the customer service were both excellent.

Customer since 02/29/2024 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Shirts This is Jason's first review

By George Verified Buyer
New York, NY

Great quality and excellent fit

I've gotten a pair of jeans and two shirts from Todd Shelton, and am super impressed with the quality of the construction (my jeans are built like a tank and I'm sure they'll last me years and years) and my Fit Planner's obsession with the fit of my garments (thanks Jessica!). One thing I'll say is that I wish there was a way to dial in jeans to be slimmer than what's currently possible: as a slim guy, going down from size 28 to size 27 or even 26 would really open up the world for me.

Customer since 04/22/2024 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans, Shirts This is George's first review

By Chris Verified Buyer
New York, NY

Amazing service, fantastic jeans

I've been buying properly "good" denim for a while now and TS is hands-down the best pair of jeans and by far the best purchasing experience I've found. My pro darks are going strong 3 years in. They've developed incredible character and are by far my most comfortable pants. The customer service has been outstanding every step of the way (thanks Jessica!) from the home try on to fit suggestions to returns for hemming. Just bought my 2nd pair and look forward to many more!

Customer since 01/24/2020 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans This is Chris's first review

By Chris Verified Buyer
Poconos PA

An amazing jean buying experience...

It's been some time since I bought a pair of jeans, and when I went to try on some big brand jeans, I was completely disappointed. They all fit terribly. So I decided to look into a custom pair of jeans, specifically American made. A name that kept popping up was Todd Shelton. The Home-Try on and the ability to customize was a huge selling point for me. My fit planner was beyond helpful. When I received my jeans they were perfect! I could ask for a better experience. Highly recommend.

Customer since 01/25/2024 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans This is Chris's first review

By Rod Verified Buyer
Olympia, WA

Amazing customer service

Had a small issue with one of my jeans from TS. The button hole on the jeans was unravelling after several years of wear. I contacted Jessica via their website and she had no hesitation in sending me a shipping label so that my jeans could be sent in. I was notified when they were received, when the repair was complete, and was provided a tracking number when they were shipped back to me. Repair is amazing and all this was done with no hassle and no charge.

Customer since 02/28/2022 Reviewing: Service, Jeans This is Rod's 2nd review

By Ben Verified Buyer
South Dakota

Fantastic shirt

I can't say enough good about Todd Shelton. Their service is A++. Go through the fitting process, and you won't be disappointed. I did the home try-on, and now have perfect shirts from Todd that fit my flawlessly; I've always between a L and an XL and have rather long arms. Todd accommodates this perfectly! The quality and fit of their materials feels very premium. Absolutely worth it. Timeless garments that will last decades, if not longer.

Customer since 12/20/2019 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Ben's first review

By Bill Verified Buyer
Alexandria, VA

Perfect Fit

The quality of material, attention to detail and amazing customer services make me a repeat buyer. I have other custom clothing purchased in person, but Todd Shelton has mastered delivering a bespoke fit and wide selection over the internet delivered to your home.

Customer since 06/22/2023 Reviewing: Service, Shirts, T-Shirts This is Bill's first review

By Ruben Verified Buyer
Austin, TX

Awesome Experience

It is rare to find someone to make custom jeans and TS makes this process seamless. Starting with the home try-on process and getting jeans that fit your body type, they consistently do an outstanding job. Finally, their customer service is the best I have experienced in the clothing industry. I've purchased 5 pair of jeans and from the initial order to a follow up after you receive your order, they take pride in their product and it shows in their customer service (thanks Jessica K!)

Customer since 11/15/2019 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans This is Ruben's first review

By Ashley Verified Buyer
Boston, MA

Perfect Fit

Every year I spend so much time and money buying clothing for my husband for Christmas just to spend additional time tailoring or returning items that do not fit. Not this year with Todd Shelton. I made the purchase on black friday which was a great deal. We had to wait for the custom piece until after Christmas but I was able to still surprise him with the order. We received the pants promptly when expected in mid-January and they are a "perfect fit". I am excited to be a return customer.

Customer since 11/24/2023 Reviewing: Jeans This is Ashley 's first review

By Richard Verified Buyer
Turnersville, NJ

Always the best experience when i purchase from Todd Shelton

I have bought several pairs of pants from this company, The service is best out there, the quality of their clothing is second to none. They pride themselves on providing great products and service as i have witnessed first hand. If something doesn't fit, not a problem. Send it back and they will take care of the rest. I'm a lifelong customer now. The customer service rep Jessica K is just awesome to work with.

Customer since 09/28/2021 Reviewing: Service, Jeans This is Richard 's first review

By Rajesh Verified Buyer
Collegeville, PA

Awesome Cords

I just received my awesome pants: really nice soft corduroy and a great fit, as always.

Customer since 02/25/2019 Reviewing: Service, Pants This is Rajesh's first review

By Richard Verified Buyer
Concord, CA

Product Quality and Customer Service

I am a long-time customer of TS. Their products are crafted with quality and sustainability always top-of-mind and is matched with consistent, helpful and friendly customer service. Their products and customer service are all US-based. I recommend TS to all my friends.

Customer since 01/17/2013 Reviewing: Service, Sweatshirts This is Richard's first review

By Pablo Verified Buyer
Plymouth, MN

Love Todd Shelton clothing

I have been buying clothing from Todd Shelton for many years. I have never been unsatisfied, in fact the just the opposite. Probably the best fitting pants I have every purchased anywhere. That is why I own over ten pair. The customer service is the best in the business. I recently asked if they could make a pair of flannel lined corduroy pants for me and low and behold I am now the very proud owner of a beautiful pair of brown flannel lined corduroy pants.

Customer since 08/24/2012 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans, Shirts, Pants, Sweatshirts This is Pablo's first review

By Jeremy Verified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

Keep it in the USA!

Not only are they made in here in America, but the quality and fit are top notch!

Customer since 08/20/2023 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans This is Jeremy's first review

By Kenny Verified Buyer
Birmingham, AL

Nothing But The Best

I’ve ordered two pairs of jeans from TS. One pair I’ve had for almost 10 years. The other pair I just got. Flannel lined. I’ve also ordered a pair of corduroys. I’m on the tall thin side but everything is made to fit. I couldn’t be more pleased and the fact they’re made in the USA will keep me coming back in the future.

Customer since 07/23/2014 Reviewing: Jeans This is Kenny's first review

By Sam Verified Buyer
Los Angeles, CA


Great shirt and excellent service. Jessica was super helpful and double checked to make sure I got the correct item. Shirt fits and looks great. Highly recommended

Customer since 11/13/2023 Reviewing: Service, Shirts This is Sam's first review

By Mike Verified Buyer
Bellingham, WA

Pro soft mids- great

Most expensive pants I’ve ever bought and by far and a way the best. The customer service is second to none- really helped zero In on a fit that was not what I would have picked but what was what I needed for a proper fitting Jean. I am 6’ 2” 205. Fit is the relaxed 33x34. They stay up. Fit awesome. Look great. I’ll buy another pair some day. Really appreciate that they are made in America as well!

Customer since 08/31/2023 Reviewing: Service, Home try-on, Jeans This is Mike's first review

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