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By Evan Verified Buyer
Washington, DC

This brand is all hits, no misses

Todd Shelton gets design, quality, and customer service right. The style is timeless, never trendy. The quality of materials and construction is top-notch. And the customer service is always impeccable—shoutout to Jessica! Todd Shelton is stylish men’s clothing outside of fast-fashion trends, inside my budget, and above-board on labor and the environment. If you have not yet, make the investment in your wardrobe. You will not find better a better quality company.

Customer since 08/08/2014 Reviewing: Service, Shirts, Pants, T-Shirts, Shorts, Sweatshirts This is Evan 's first review

By Tabor Verified Buyer
Anchorage, AK

Best customer service!

The customer service at Todd Shelton is unmatched. The great personal touch and follow up has been a great experience, and I'll be continuing to purchase jeans for my husband from them.

Customer since 02/20/2023 Reviewing: Service, Home Try-On, Jeans, Pants This is Tabor's first review

By Dave Verified Buyer
Gaithersburg, MD

Great experience purchasing custom jeans!

I'm a big guy - 6'4" and 240 lbs - with a bit of a belly and regular jeans just don't fit me at all. I've tried all the brands and always wished I could have a pair custom made for me. Well, guess what - Todd Shelton can make custom fit jeans! It starts with the home try-on process, which couldn't be easier, and from there you tweak the fit to create the pair that will fit you the best. My custom made jeans fit great and are well worth the price. I'm going to have another pair made soon!

Customer since 02/20/2023 Reviewing: Service, Home Try-On, Jeans This is Dave's first review

By Chris Verified Buyer
Seattle, WA

Amazing service and amazing quality.

Couldn’t be happier with my experience with Todd Shelton. I wanted to order a pair of jeans but was concerned about fit. Jessica sent me a few pairs to try on and then gave me a call to help me figure out how best to customize my order. Jeans arrived a few weeks later. They fit perfectly and the quality of the jeans matched the quality of the service I had received through the process. Definitely will be ordering more in the near future.

Customer since 02/17/2023 Reviewing: Service, Home Try-On, Jeans This is Chris's first review

By Robert Verified Buyer
Philadelphia, PA

Quality, Fit, Style, and Service that surpass the competition

I have been purchasing from Todd Shelton for over 5 years. I expect to be purchasing from Todd Shelton for many more. Their materials are top notch; their designs are straightforward, not trendy; and the garments are made in the U.S. The quality of the product is outstanding. You can truly have a smaller wardrobe built with better pieces from TS. My TS chinos and jeans will probably outlast me and go to my son. Jessica has been my guide and master service person through the journey.

Customer since 11/28/2016 Reviewing: Service, Jeans, Pants This is Robert's first review

By Kevin Verified Buyer
West Haven, CT

Exceeded expectations once again

Once again you guys have done a great job. The pants fit fine as usual. Thank you and everyone at TS for once again exceeding my expectations. As always it’s been a pleasure working with you.

Customer since 02/10/2019 Reviewing: Pants, Service This is Kevin's first review

By Matthew Verified Buyer
Weehawken, NJ

Glad I took the chance with Todd Shelton

I've always been a Levi's guy bc they were always within my budget but then I would have to pay the tailor tax because I'm short. Although they fit length wise they wouldn't fit right, enter TS. What drew me to this brand is the fact that they are made in a America and their customer service as well as their attention to detail shows how much pride everyone at Todd Shelton takes in delivering quality products and ensuring that their customers are satisfied even after delivery. Thanks TS Team!

Customer since 07/14/2020 Reviewing: Service, Home Try-On, Jeans This is Matthew's first review

By Mo Verified Buyer
New York, NY

My go-to pants

Todd Shelton's Aussie Dusters have quickly become my go-to pants. They fit great and I love how they look. Thanks again for the amazing service - you and your team are the best in the business.

Customer since 08/22/2022 Reviewing: Pants, Service This is Mo's first review

By Paul Verified Buyer
Lexington, KY

Todd Shelton is a Class Act

Todd Shelton is both a throwback to an older art of listening closely to one's clients and a roadmap for American manufacturing resilience. As much as I value the clothes themselves, it is the set of principles behind the company that sold me. Elegant simplicity, timelessness, unwavering dedication to craft. The pricing was a hurdle at first. As I wore the clothing it came to me -- when you have durable, beautiful things you need fewer in number and ultimately consume less.

Customer since 12/13/2022 Reviewing: Service, Home Try-On, Jeans, Shirts, Pants, T-Shirts This is Paul's first review

By Ivan Verified Buyer
Coral Gables, FL

Could not be happier

I received and tried out my jeans, they feel and look awesome, could not be happier!  Thanks a lot!

Customer since 03/23/2020 Reviewing: Jeans This is Ivan's first review

By Ryan Verified Buyer
Fort Worth, TX

The jeans are great!

Excellent fit and quality. I really appreciate the wonderful customer service - I've never experienced service where someone has been so eager to address a customer's needs, and at the same time delivering a high quality product so fast. I love made in the USA, and again your quality is the best.

Customer since 12/01/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Service This is Ryan's first review

By Brian Verified Buyer
Sierra Madre, CA

Visit the factory!

The fact that I can walk to a sewing room to check on the status of my shirts is really awesome.

Customer since 05/26/2016 Reviewing: Shirts This is Brian's first review

By Dennis Verified Buyer
Columbiana, OH

My t-shirt fits great

Thank you for the attention, you've been great.

Customer since 11/28/2022 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Dennis 's first review

By Eddie Verified Buyer
Yonkers, NY

I consider this shirt a total win.

Please give my thanks to Carmen [my shirt's maker] - it is a BEAUTIFUL garment. The sleeve length is perfect; thank you for working with me to obtain such an accurate measurement. This shirt more than meets my needs. When the top button is let undone, the collar falls perfectly.

Customer since 06/02/2014 Reviewing: Shirts This is Eddie's first review

By Brent Verified Buyer
Redmond, WA

The best fit I've found

The jeans are a great fit, as usual. Of all the high end denim out there, Todd's fit the best out of anything I've tried. This is after spending a lot of time researching and evaluating other brand's fits and denim.

Customer since 11/24/2019 Reviewing: Jeans This is Brent's first review

By Edward Verified Buyer
Overland Park, KS

Strongly recommend

I have worn many different jeans over the past 40 years from Levis to Polo. I have generally accepted them as a utilitarian piece of clothing but disappointed in their quality as an essential element of my 'casually dressed' wardrobe. The fact that most jeans today are manufactured out of country adds to this disappointment. That was until I found Todd Shelton. They have proven to be extremely well made and fit me perfectly. A credit to the US craftsman that made them. There is no garish labeling which speaks to the fact that quality is their primary goal, and of course the customer contact they maintained with me throughout the process is phenomenal. I intend to be a return customer in years to come.

Customer since 08/28/2014 Reviewing: Jeans This is Edward's first review

By Charles Verified Buyer
Groton, CT


I express my gratitude to Todd Shelton and the entire Todd Shelton Brand, fabrication, marketing, packaging...client relationship/support team. All efforts are highly respected. A product actually manufactured here, in this country, is a good, it is a great thing...made even better in that you all have a quality of product that is more than the sum of its has an integrity built within the concept and execution of an idea. The responsibility of commitment to a philosophy is a work of all should be very proud.

Customer since 01/21/2023 Reviewing: Jeans, Service This is Charles's first review

By Justin Verified Buyer
Chicago, IL


Just got your jeans in the mail. These are amazing. You not only have a convert, but a preacher.

Customer since 10/07/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Justin's first review

By Sally Verified Buyer
Redmond, WA

You're a pleasure to do business with, keep it up

OMG!!!! I feel like a 6th grader going to my first pop star rock concert!!! I don't think I've ever been this excited over ordering clothing for somebody other than me. I feel like a dork (literally) jumping up and down over denim. Thank god the blinds are drawn... We've tried different brands that claim to be an authority in denim, but with yours, my husband instantly noticed how comfortable your jeans are the moment he got them on. I, of course, LOVED the construction, the way they drape, and the way his butt looks in them :) I was afraid the Basic fit wouldn't have enough room for his hockey thighs and butt, but I'm glad I took your suggestion about the Basic over Relaxed because they look frickin tailored/yummy on him!!! For the first time I'm actually jealous of something my husband has that he can't share with me. :(

Customer since 10/12/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Sally's first review

By Catharine Verified Buyer
Livermore, CA

Actually better than I had hoped for

Just wanted to say I received my husband's jeans & shirt...LOVE THEM...I have already recommended your company to friends & family.

Customer since 07/12/2022 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Catharine's first review

By Ryan Verified Buyer
Everett, WA

Looking Good and supporting Made in USA!

The Todd Shelton brand is more than just an excellent source of American-made clothing—It is an integral part of my weight loss program. I am serious! As I lose weight, I replace my old-baggy clothes with new Todd Shelton products. The new clothes are my reward, and the incentive is working. I thank you, Todd, for helping me to look good and for keeping jobs in this country by having your suppliers in the U.S. I will be buying again soon, and maybe even buying some of the same things again at smaller sizes.

Customer since 09/08/2017 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts This is Ryan's first review

By Kevin Verified Buyer
Grandledge, MI

Thank you

I began researching and following your business and website 2 years ago (I was actually sent a fabric sample during this time). I was attracted to your business model, philosophy, and clothing. The more I see of your clothing, the materials, craftsmanship, and fit - the more I realize just how good a value your clothes are. I can't thank you enough for the products you provide.

Customer since 06/02/2020 Reviewing: Jeans, Shirts, Service This is Kevin's first review

By Javier Verified Buyer
Huntington Beach, CA

Great overall experience

You have a great product, great price and fantastic customer service. I hope your business takes off like a rocket.

Customer since 09/20/2022 Reviewing: Jeans This is Javier's first review

By Chris Verified Buyer
Littleton, CO

The best made t-shirts I have ever worn.

I received it yesterday and wore it today to work...Fantastic shirt!

Customer since 09/08/2022 Reviewing: T-Shirts This is Chris's first review

By Ron Verified Buyer
Wilton, CT


Jessica, the pants I received are absolutely exactly what I wanted! I love them.... As soon as I get them hemmed, I'll send you a picture. They fit perfectly- (they fit my butt awesomely-is that a word?)

Customer since 04/17/2014 Reviewing: Pants This is Ron's first review