El Capitan

With office dress codes relaxing, we can begin to think differently about trousers. They no longer need to look like half of a suit, they can have a style all their own. We want El Cap to be fun to wear, something you reach for on date night or for a dinner party, not just for work.

Aussie Dusters

Aussie Dusters hit us like thunder from down-under. A fabric developed by accident, we expect Dusters to become a super product. Aussie Dusters are the antidote to typical floppy khakis, with a sturdiness and sense of adventure that brings the cool back to khakis.

Winter Trousers

A touch of warmth for the colder months ahead. Flannel Wool trousers in fabric woven and finished in Connecticut. Pants handmade in our NJ headquarters. 

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