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American Classic Khaki

The American Khaki is characterized by sturdy fabric that looks and feels more serious than a typical floppy khaki. Destined to quickly become your go-to khaki. Four core colors, with additional colors added seasonally. 

The American Khaki will quickly become your go-to khaki.

American Lightweight Khaki

The lighter-weight version of our American Classic Khaki now has a permanent home in our line. It's the best selling fabric from the English mill where we purchase all khaki fabrics. Soft, comfortable, year round. 

The American Lightweight Khaki is now a permanant member of our khaki line. 

Lightweight Wool Trouser

Lightweight wool trousers offer comfort during the warmest months. All-wool fabric milled in Connecticut, trousers handcrafted in our East Rutherford, NJ headquarters to your size and fit specifications.  

Three lightweight wool trousers offer comfort during the warmest months, Spring to Fall.

El Capitan Trousers

Traditional wool office trousers. Soft and luxurious - modernized with a current fit profile. Midweight wool twill drapes beautifully and maintains shape. Fabric from the only mill in the U.S. producing fine suiting fabrics. 

Traditional wool trousers for the office. Soft and luxurious.

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