Light Wash Jeans

WSJ Promotes Light Wash Jeans for Spring

We’re not stubbornly sitting on the sidelines of this light wash/distressed jean trend – we just don’t think it’s right for our customer. Light wash jeans limit what shirts you can wear - and where you can wear them. Dark wash jeans never limit you.

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Raw Selvedge Denim Fabric

What is Selvedge Denim?

The word 'selvedge' relates to the 'self-edge' of fabric. Some types of fabric are woven so that the 'edge' can be used in garment construction. In regards to jean construction, using the outer edge of the denim (the self-edge), makes a jean a 'selvedge' denim jean.

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Todd Shelton Custom Jean

Custom Jeans

You'd benefit from a jean that meets your unique fit requirements. We've made buying custom jeans easy, accurate, and affordable. Our free fit-finding programs help you find your best fit without asking you to measure, or be measured.

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Shop Todd Shelton

New Way to Shop Todd Shelton

Our product has multiple fit options, that's what makes it special! But remembering your particular sizes and fits can be challenging. The good news is...we keep all your fit information on file.

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Empathy Made Us Fit Experts

How Empathy Makes Us Fit Experts

Since our first order in 2002, we’ve asked one question more than any other…‘how did it fit?’ And more than a decade later, this culture of listening and accommodating, has made us fit experts.

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American Khaki Todd Shelton

American Khaki Collection Launch

This summer, we launched the brand’s first in-house khaki collection: ‘The America’ khaki. Two years in development, the collection is made exclusively in our New Jersey headquarters.

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