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7 Brands Making Jeans for Tall Men

Most brands don’t make jeans for tall men, who commonly need 36″ inseam lengths or longer. Let’s look at the brands offering long-inseam jeans for tall men.

Jeans for tall men. What companies make them?
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About this article

This article intends to match consumers with brands that make jeans for tall men, specifically offering jeans in lengths 36 inches and above. This article is managed by Todd Shelton, a jean manufacturer in New Jersey, specializing in fit solutions for men of all heights. No commissions are made from links in this article.

Why some brands can offer jeans for tall men

Unfortunately, few brands make jeans for tall men, and it’s easy to understand why. Only a small percentage of potential customers need jean lengths above 34″, and it doesn’t make financial sense for brands to carry the inventory costs on slow-moving lengths like 36″ or 38″. Brands would rather invest in lengths they know will sell quicker.

But a few brands are uniquely positioned to offer jeans for tall men. 1) Tall men niche brands, 2) Made-to-order brands, and 3) brands so large that even a small percentage of their customers (who need long inseams) is still a serviceable number.

Jean lengths from 36-42 in 1/2

Jean lengths from 36-42 in 1/2″ increments

At Todd Shelton, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of fit options designed to help men solve fit problems and improve the fit of their jeans.

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7 brands making jeans for tall men

We searched dozens of jean brands, from household names to small jean makers, for 36″ and longer inseam lengths. These 7 brands are the only ones we found that consistently offered lengths above 36″ across their collection—ranked in order of the number of jean lengths offered. If we missed a brand, email us at To see a list of jeans brands offering 36″ lengths, see the bottom of this list.

1. Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton offers jean lengths for very tall men.

All jean lengths up to 42″ in 1/2″ increments – Over $200

At Todd Shelton, we help men of all heights solve fit problems; jeans is our best-selling category. In our East Rutherford, NJ factory, we make jeans from scratch and to each customer’s fit requirements.

We offer jeans for tall men, up to 36″ in our In stock program and up to 40″ in our Customize program. We can make inseams longer than 40″ upon request. All jean lengths are available in 1/2″ increments.

When a customer needs an inseam length longer than 36”, we start with Home Try-On (fit-evaluation program) to find their waist size, seat and thigh fit, knee and ankle width—then we adjust the inseam length to meet their needs.

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2. Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth makes jeans for tall men.

All jean lengths up to 44″ – Under $200

Proper Cloth is a New York City-based e-commerce custom clothier with a mission to “inspire and enable you to look your best and fulfill your potential by making high quality, better-fitting clothing.”

Proper Cloth offers jean waist sizes from 26-54, jean lengths from 26-44, and multiple fit options. In a range of denim and washes, Proper Cloth is a considerable destination for jeans for tall men.

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3. American Tall

American tall specializes in jeans for tall men.

All jean lengths up to 40″ – Under $100

American Tall designs clothes exclusively for tall people. They don’t simply extend the length of garments; they engineer the garment proportionally, ensuring comfort and fit for taller bodies at every key point of measure.

American Tall offers an extensive collection of jeans in multiple colors and washes. They offer jean waist sizes from 28-42 and inseam lengths: 36, 38, and 40.

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4. 2Tall

2Tall makes jeans for tall men only.

All jean lengths up to 40″ – Under $100

2Tall is a UK-based e-commerce brand specializing in clothing for tall, slim men. Their tagline is: “We make clothes for tall slim guys. Men who are tall, not big and tall. Tall guys just like us.” Founded and operated by tall men, 2Tall understands the challenges tall men face.

2Tall offers an extensive collection of blue and black jeans in several different fits. They offer waist sizes from 28 to 42 and jean lengths in 36, 38, and 40.

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5. Wrangler

Wrangler jeans.

Some jean lengths up to 44″ – Under $100

Wrangler is an international clothing brand that started in authentic western jeans in 1947. Wrangler’s serves a large customer base, including Big & Tall customers. Wrangler offers jeans for tall men with some jeans available in 36, up to 44 inseam lengths. When shopping the Wrangler site, use the filters to sort by jean length.

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6. Cinch

Cinch cowboy jeans.

Some jean lengths up to 40″ – Under $100

Cinch is a western jeans brand based in Denver, CO. Cinch offers waist sizes from 26 to 44 and lengths in 36, 38, and 40. Not all Cinch jeans are available in tall lengths; use the filter feature to see jeans for tall men.

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7. Levi’s

Levi's jeans.

Some jean lengths up to 40″ – Under $100

Levi’s is the largest jean manufacturer worldwide with a massive international customer base. If any brand can offer jeans for tall men, it should be Levi’s. Unfortunately, Levi’s selection of jeans over 36″ in length is limited. Use their filter feature to find jeans with lengths 38″ or 40″.

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Brands that offer 36” lengths jeans for tall men

During our research, we were surprised to find that most brand’s longest inseam was 34″—some even stopped at 32″. However, the brands below offer 36″ lengths. Although these brands offer 36″ length, the selection may be limited.

Land’s End – 36″ listed but rarely available – jeans under $100

Carhartt – 36″ listed but rarely available – jeans under $100

Bonobos – 36″ listed but rarely available – jeans under $200

J. Crew – 36″ listed for some waist sizes – jeans over $100

Nudie Jeans – 36″ available for most styles – jeans over $200

34 Heritage – 36″ available for all styles – jeans under $200

If you know a brand that offers jeans for tall men, with lengths 36″ or longer”. Or if you find an error on this list, please email us.

If you have specific fit needs or challenges, please feel free to contact us.


Todd Shelton is men’s clothing brand based in New Jersey. Founded by Tennessee native Todd Shelton, the brand’s collections offer industry-leading fits that are manufactured in the company’s NJ factory and sold exclusively online.

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