4 Reasons to Dress Consistently

We buy our clothing and build our wardrobes on gut instinct.

‘Do you like this? Yeah, I’d wear that.’ We’re shooting from the hip.

But building a wardrobe on gut instinct is like building a house without a set of plans. The vision is unclear. The process is disorganized. And costly mistakes are made.

There’s a more effective way to build a wardrobe than on gut instinct, and it involves having a clear plan.

The Todd Shelton Plan

After years of experience, we designed 7 simple rules to help our customers with their clothing decisions. We’ve found having no rules creates uncertainty and disorder.

“How we dress as men can get a lot better, and actually be really good, but we need guidelines and a clear plan,” says founder, Todd Shelton.

With the 7 rules as the focus, we designed an easy-to-wear, easy-to-shop collection to help you build and maintain a consistent wardrobe.

Here are 4 reasons we built a plan to help customers dress consistently:

Stability of Identity

Our customer is a leader professionally, socially, and within his home. People look to him and lean on him for stability. Dressing consistently signals stability and sets a good example.

What if this was said about a man, ‘Dad dressed the same all our life. He had a style and a purpose for it.’ There’s comfort in predictability and consistency, even in what you wear.

Peace of Mind

There’s clarity knowing exactly what to wear each day, and for the years to come. Knowing exactly where to shop and what products to buy can simplify life and free up time.

Dignity of Timeless Style

The best way for a man to dress has already been established by generations of men, it’s called timeless style. We define timeless style as dark-colored pants, lighter-colored shirts, solid colors, and natural fabrics — the way men have dressed successfully for generations. The validity of timeless style is undebatable. It’s more dignified and modern than any alternative.

Timeless style rejects hyper-casual clothing trends—gym shorts, sloppy fits and the comfort-centric styles that have become the norm.

Men who dress consistently


There’s no humility in using clothing to elevate yourself above others. Or to separate yourself. The kindest first impression you can make is to be welcoming and neutral, to put people at ease.

There’s comfort and stability knowing some things remain the same. There’s precedent for The Todd Shelton Plan. McDonald’s has had the same products for 50 years. Levi’s 501 and Converse All-Stars are timeless products each generation depends on.

We encourage men to dress consistently. Find a style, and products that support it, and commit to it.

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