7 Rules for Clothing

Let’s make a plan for how we wear and acquire clothing.

Guidelines for responsible shopping 

Why rules?

These days, it's not easy finding time to develop a well thought out plan for the clothing we wear. With rules, we see opportunities to make dressing easier and more environmentally responsible through dependable routines.

7 Rules focuses on the proven success of timeless style and minimal design. Here are some of the most helpful benefits we've found when following clothing rules.

Establish a signature style

A consistent style can help communicate a stable identity, and create a predictable persona others can rely on.

Keep an organized closet

By eliminating clothing you rarely wear, you can declutter your closet, and start each day organized and clear-minded.

Environmentally responsible shopping

Knowing your style and exactly what to buy, minimizes the risk of financially and environmentally wasteful purchases.

How to Use 7 Rules

7 Rules is the clothing plan we endorse. Use it, or use it as a framework to create your own set of rules. What’s important, is to think about what you like to wear, and why you like to wear it.

  • Pair darker pants with lighter shirts.
  • Wear solid colors.
  • Create a consistent color palette.
  • Stop at the top.
  • Don’t let your socks steal the show.
  • Focus on fit.
  • Dress to be relatable.

Wear darker pants with lighter shirts.

Build something tall, and the heaviest layers are at the bottom. Look at a landscape or painting, the darker colors are at the bottom. Follow these structural and visual principles when dressing to build a solid foundation.

Wear solid colors.

Patterns are limiting, while every single solid color has multiple ways to match it. Solids are modern, versatile, and don't go out of style.

Stay consistent with color.

A narrow range of colors is required to build a balanced wardrobe. The more colors in your closet, the less cohesive your style will be. Make it easy, find your color range, and stick with it.

Stop at the top.

A common style mistake is wearing pants that are too long. It can look careless. To eliminate fabric bunching around the ankle, pant leg should stop at the top of the shoe. This helps keep pant lines clean.

Wear neutral socks.

Fun socks are a popular way to show personal flare, but they can draw unnecessary attention. Wear socks in low contrast to your pants to maintain clean visual lines.

Focus on fit.

Inconsistent fitting clothing can make getting dressed frustrating. Find the brands that fit you best, and stick with them. When it comes to brands in your closet, less is more.

Dress neutral.

When you dress to elevate yourself or connect with a tribe, you can exclude others. Try to minimize societal and class clues in your clothing, and you’ll find you're more relatable to people across generations and worldviews.


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