A Country Needs Manufacturing

It’s a statement we stand behind. We’re committed to manufacturing in the U.S. in support of American innovation. Every country must advocate for the protection of domestic manufacturing. Without local access to manufacturing infrastructure, a country jeopardizes innovation within its entrepreneurial communities.

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Is Sustainability’s Future

Anti-Inventory asks business leaders to get hands-on with how much clothing their company makes - or orders - in an effort to reduce wasteful manufacturing. Ultimately, creating a culture within their company to respect the environmental impact of over-manufacturing and the financial benefits of fewer clearance racks.

Re-Thinking What A Sewing Career Can Be

Society’s expectations for worker well-being is changing, for the better. Yet, the sewing industry isn’t changing. It still exploits workers in the poorest countries. Consumers are not holding business leaders accountable for the health and careers of seamstresses.

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Country of Origin Matters

The fashion industry keeps prices unnecessarily low for the consumer by manufacturing in countries where labor & environmental regulations are loosely enforced - even when this practice has negative consequences for worker safety and environmental protection. At Todd Shelton, we only purchase fabrics from countries with similar human rights - and labor & environmental regulation enforcement as the USA.

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Practicing Responsible Pricing

The fashion industry conditions consumers to wait for discounts. Brands inflate prices to accommodate for discounts that drive customer action. Brands that offer arbitrary discounts or endless sales, engage in the practice of ‘inflate & slash’ pricing. This deceptive tactic makes consumers believe a product has a greater value. Some discounting is necessary, but ‘inflate & slash’ tactics are dishonest.

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