Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black Aussie Dusters Black Aussie Dusters Black Aussie Dusters Black Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
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Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
Aussie Dusters Black
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  • Made in USA (East Rutherford, NJ)
  • Fabric from Portugal
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  • Product Notes

    Aussie Dusters is a heavyweight khaki with extraordinary structure and body. It's the antidote to the floppy khaki, the stretch khaki, and the out-of-date dress khaki.

    Aussie Dusters has the DNA of a khaki, and the spirit of a jean. It's for guys who are ready for a different kind of khaki, a khaki with edge. It has a sense of adventure and brings the cool back to khakis.

    We like bottom-weight fabrics that are heavier, they add shape to the leg. We've also learned from jean customers that heavier-weight fabrics can help a pant stay up around the waist. For guys who have trouble with pants sliding down, Aussie Dusters may help.

    Aussie Dusters hit the Todd Shelton brand like thunder from down-under. A fabric we developed by accident, it's now in contention for product of the decade. But make no mistake, Aussie Dusters is a heavyweight khaki, it's going to feel different.

    • 13.5 oz all cotton
    • Zip fly
    • Pre-shrunk
    • Machine wash cold, inside out, hang dry
    • Fabric from Portugal
    • Pants made in USA

    Model is 6' 2" wearing 31 Basic, Standard Knee-to-Ankle and 32" Inseam.

  • Sustainability

    Socially conscious values guide our business decisions. Some of the ways we strive to be a responsible clothing manufacturer include:

    • Made-to-order is the most responsible form of environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our products are made only upon customer request.
    • Fabrics are sourced from countries enforcing similar labor and environmental standards as the United States. Sourcing from England, Italy, Japan, and Portugal.
    • Our seamstresses are employed directly in our New Jersey factory and paid living wages. You can visit our factory.
    • Products are designed for longevity and high-frequency wear; using timeless style, quality materials, and resisting time-stamped trends.
    • We use natural, biodegradable fibers in our fabrics, lowering the risk of micro-plastics (polyester) polluting waterways. Our sweatshirts contain 5% polyester.
    • We respect animals and avoid the unnecessary use of animal products. No leather patches on jeans, no horn buttons. We use wool for trousers.
    • No plastic packaging is used in customer shipments.
    • We provide guidance on responsible consumerism. We endorse 7 Rules, a conversation starter about how we can responsibly consume clothing.
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