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Identify your Hero Outfit, Build a Wardrobe Around It

The Hero Outfit Plan

The secret to dressing well is having a plan – an overall vision for your look. A clothing plan guides what you buy and where you buy it. And it starts with a hero outfit.

Your favorite outfit – what we call a ‘hero outfit’ – can provide the necessary clues to begin building a clothing plan. Identify your best outfit and build a wardrobe around it. You’ll spend less time deciding what to wear, less time shopping, and you’ll have a cohesive style.

What is a Hero Outfit?

Your hero outfit is your best outfit. The one you feel most confident wearing. It’s the outfit that’s risen up above all others, and against staggering odds (you’ve acquired lots of garments over the years!). In other words, it’s the outfit you reach for when going somewhere special. It’s the outfit you pack first when going on a trip.

The Alpha in Your Wardrobe

Once you identify your outfit, you can start building a wardrobe of like-minded garments – and now you’re on the path to dressing consistently. The hero sets parameters for what to wear – and maybe more importantly – what to buy.

All your garments should be a derivative of this outfit. Any garments that veer too far from the style, colors and fabrics of your hero are a risk and shouldn’t be allowed into your wardrobe. Errant garments will only cause clutter and confusion.

How to Find Your Hero Outfit

If you know your hero already, you’re ahead of the game. You only need to do 3 things: 1) clearly understand why you like the outfit 2) study what you like about the fit, and 3) set parameters so you don’t deviate too far from it.

But what if you don’t know your outfit?

The approach we recommend is to separate your closet into garments you wear, and garments you rarely wear. Study the two groups equally, find the common threads of what you like and dislike. Pay attention to colors, patterns, fabrics, and fits.

Once you understand what you like, try to identify one outfit you’d like to explore as your hero outfit. Begin to understand the colors, fabrics, and fits you gravitate towards. Consider which clothes help you feel your best.

When you find your outfit, you can begin to narrow your focus and build a consistent wardrobe. In addition, you’ll stabilize your identity, have confidence when shopping, and match your wardrobe more easily.

Maintaining a Wardrobe

Once you’ve done the work to find your hero outfit and develop a plan around it – you must stay disciplined with your look. Knowing potential pitfalls can be helpful.

For instance, impulse shopping, discount shopping and gifts can derail your clothing plan. Stay disciplined with the clothing you bring into your home. If a garment doesn’t fit into your clothing plan, don’t make the purchase.

You’ll spend time and money buying clothing for the rest of your life, and you’ll need to dress well for the rest of your life (both professionally and socially). Take the time to identify your hero outfit and begin building a consistent wardrobe – it’s a small, up-front commitment that will pay off for a lifetime.

Todd’s Hero Outfit

My hero is Pro Original jeans and Jim Dandy White shirts. When I look back over the past 10 years, a dark jean and white shirt has consistently been my go-to outfit. Not only do I remember wearing my outfit decades ago, I see it in vacation pictures too. I deviate slightly from my hero into navy and dark grey pants and light blue solid shirts. The times I’ve deviated far from my hero, I’ve regretted the purchase.


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