How to Care for Khakis

We are often asked for advice on how to care for khakis. We recommend machine washing khakis, then hanging to dry. Air drying will reduce surface abrasion. We also prefer the crisp hand of the fabric after they’ve air dried. In contrast, tumbling dry will soften the fabric, if that’s your preference, it’s perfectly fine.

After washing and drying, you may decide to iron your khakis. Three non-obvious seams, the outseam/inseam and center-back seam, often get no attention during ironing. If you’ll iron these three seams, you’ll improve the look of your khakis.

How to Care for Khakis: Iron the Leg Seams and Back Rise Seam

Turn your khakis inside out. Lay one leg flat on the ironing board, keeping the seams in the center of the leg. Open the seams with the iron and press flat. Keep the iron centered on the seams, do not iron the edges of the pant – you don’t want to create stubborn creases you’ll have to iron out later. Next, repeat this for all four leg seams.

While the pant is still turned inside out, pull the back of the waist onto the top of the narrow side of the ironing board. Then smooth out the back rise seams and press flat.

If you don’t know how to iron, consider learning the basics – you can improve your look with these basic steps.

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