The History of Pro Original Denim Jeans

Pro Original Darks were originally designed for Casual Friday.

A jean designed for a changing workplace

10 years ago, we designed a jean specifically for the office – because at that time, jeans were beginning to be accepted in offices. Casual Friday was still a thing, and some of our guys could wear jeans to the office on Fridays.

Most jeans at that time were designed for casual wear (think lighter colors, contrast stitching, lots of branding, and fake fades). Guys really didn’t have options for jeans they’d feel professional wearing.

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Pro Original Darks has been our best-seller for over a decade.

We released Pro Original Darks in February 2009. Our guys started buying them. A year or two later, we noticed the Pros were changing, they were aging through wear and washing. But the jeans still looked professional because the wear was authentic, not fake.

The life-cycle of Pro Original

Pro Original Darks has proven to be a resilient professional blue jean throughout its life cycle. From a new, sophisticated dark jean – to beautifully broken-in.

Pro Original after 2 years of almost daily wear (nearly 500 wears).

We believe the most versatile life-cycle for a jean happens when the jean starts dark (not pre-faded). A dark jean can be worn as business casual and to nicer events initially. Over time the jean will break in naturally, becoming a well-worn, handsome jean for more casual occasions.

For Denim Month 2020 we released the first logo for Pro Original.

If you’d like to learn more about Pro Original, visit the product page or reach out to our customer support team.

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