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Todd Shelton Fit Kit: Find Your Best Fit

In the summer of 2014, we began testing a program to help our customers find their perfect size and fit before ordering clothes from Todd Shelton. We dubbed the program ‘Fit Kit.’

We’ve spent the last few months working in the factory to perfect the Fit Kit, and today we are excited to announce the program’s nationwide launch.

The Fit Kit is a smart and easy way to get custom clothing online. Being an e-commerce company, we know the problems men face buying clothes online (inconsistent sizing, poor fit, returns, etc.). The Fit Kit is an innovative solution that guarantees great fitting clothes. The free program utilizes lightweight fit garments that help men find their perfect size and fit before buying from Todd Shelton. You can request a free Fit Kit at

“Nothing improves a man’s look faster than how his clothing fits,” said company founder Todd Shelton. “Great fit can change a man’s outlook and elevate him in every way. The Fit Kit is the first step men can take to advance their personal style.”

The Fit Kit is fun and easy. It’s an extremely accurate alternative to confusing fit technologies and old-fashioned tape measuring. A Fit Kit consists of lightweight fit pants and fit shirts that are shipped free of charge. Fit Kit garments simulate Todd Shelton sizes and fits. Built into each garment are multiple fit options clearly labeled with black tags that allow men to evaluate different fits at the same time. Upon completion of the Fit Kit, men will know their exact size for ordering jeans, shirts, pants and t-shirts.

At Todd Shelton, fit is our top priority. Our goal is to fit customers right the first time. We encourage men to challenge what they know about fit and to not shop size based on habit or previous purchases. The purpose of the Fit Kit is to improve how clothing fits and introduce men to our custom fit options. The Fit Kit brings our customer into the design process and from there, we create perfect fitting, custom clothing that is hand-made in our New Jersey factory.

Included in each Fit Kit package is a folder with specific instructions, fabric swatches and information on special programs for Fit Kit program graduates. Fit Kits are 100% free, a security deposit is required. Fit Kits must be returned within seven days. A return label for free return shipping and packaging tape are included in every Fit Kit for easy return. Customer service representatives are available at any time to help with the Fit Kit.

We encourage you to try the Fit Kit and improve your fit.