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Todd Shelton is manufactured exclusively in the United States

9 Made in USA Jeans Brands Committed to American Manufacturing

Only a handful of jean factories remain in the USA. This list hopes to bring awareness to the brands and people who have committed to the hard work of making jeans in America.

Todd Shelton Pro Original Mid Jeans
Photo credit: Todd Shelton

About this list

This list is managed by Todd Shelton, an American-made jeans manufacturer with a factory in New Jersey. The brands on this list own their jean factory (according to their website) and an online store where you can buy their jeans. Although these brands make their jeans in the USA, they may use imported denim. Look to each brand’s product pages for the denim origin.

If you want to suggest a brand to be added to this list or see an error on this list, please email us. To see a list of all American made jeans brands, including those that make in 3rd-party factories, visit this article or see the bottom of this article. No commissions are made from the links.

Detail-minded men who care about fit use us

Detail-minded men who care about fit use us

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of fit options designed to help men solve fit problems and improve the fit of their jeans.

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No more household names like Levi’s, Wrangler, or Lee

The Big 3: Levi’s, Wrangler, and Lee no longer make jeans in America. A few years ago, Levi’s and Wrangler sold a Made in USA jean for over $200—but a recent search shows both have been discontinued.

Even well-known brands like AG Jeans and Lucky, which still have a reputation for USA made jeans, no longer make jeans here.

People looking to buy American made jeans will need to be willing to get familiar with a new brand, because there are no more household names making jeans in America.

Adjusting to what an American-made jean should cost

For many readers who want to buy made in America jeans, adjusting to the higher prices will be a challenge.

Keep in mind, Levi’s and Wrangler sold made in USA jeans a few years ago and were priced at $250 and $275, respectively. Neither brand is known for high prices, but each did the math for what their American-made jean should cost—and both came up with a similar number.

The prices are higher because American labor and overhead are higher, and the scale that can reduce cost is no longer available for American factories.

The Made in USA Jeans list

These 9 brands are the only brands we’re aware of that make exclusively in their own USA factory. If we missed a brand, email us at To see a list of more American made jeans brands (that do not operate their own factory), visit this article or see the bottom of this list.

1. Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton Jeans

Men’s jeans – over $200
East Rutherford, NJ

Todd Shelton uses standard and custom fit options to help men find their best fitting jean. The company cuts, sews, and ships its jeans from its East Rutherford, NJ factory from imported denim. Available in selvedge and non-selvedge denim.

Shop Todd Shelton

2. Raleigh Denim Workshop

Raleigh Denim

Men’s and women’s jeans – over $200
Raleigh, NC

Denim brand founded in Raleigh, NC. designs and produces their jeans in the brand’s downtown Raleigh workshop. Made in USA men’s and women’s jeans available online and in specialty stores throughout the US.

Shop Raleigh Denim Workshop

3. Shockoe Atelier

Shockoe Atelier

Men’s and women’s jeans – over $200
Richmond, VA

Shockoe Atelier’s workshop is located in downtown Richmond, VA. The brand makes “a line of classic American made jeans in an old cinderblock box of a building at the doorstep of the American South.” Shockoe Atelier offers a free lifetime repair guarantee on all jeans for rips, tears, and blowouts.

Shop Shockoe Atelier

4. Railcar Fine Goods

Railcar Fine Goods

Men’s and women’s jeans – over $200
Monrovia, CA

Railcar Fine Goods is located in Monrovia, CA. The company uses a small team of sewers to make its American made jeans with the highest quality raw materials available to stand the test of time. Every stage of manufacturing takes place in-house at the brand’s workshop.

Shop Railcar Fine Goods

5. Dearborn Denim

Dearborn Denim

Men’s and women’s jeans under $100
Chicago, IL

Dearborn Denim cuts, sews, and crafts their jeans in the brand’s Chicago factory. Dearborn’s blue denim jean is a 9.5 oz. stretch denim.

Shop Dearborn Denim

6. Round House Jeans

Roundhouse Jeans

Men’s jeans under $100
Shawnee, OK

Round House makes American made jeans in Shawnee, OK. Founded in 1903, Round House is the largest and oldest manufacturer in Oklahoma. Round House sells its Made in USA jeans online. 

Shop Round House Jeans

7. LC King Manufacturing Co

LC King Manufacturing Co

Men’s jeans over $100
Bristol, TN

The oldest continuously operating, family-owned, cut-and-sew jean factory in the United States. LC King makes American made jeans and has a factory store.  

Shop LC King Manufacturing Co

8. Glenn’s Denim

Glenn's Denim

Men’s jeans over $200
New York, NY

Glenn creates a collection of jeans and other workwear staples that are authentically American – designed and manufactured in the United States in Glenn’s own workroom.

Shop Glenn’s Denim

9. Blue Delta

Man in vintage truck wearing Blue Delta jeans

Men’s jeans over $400
Tupelo, MS

Blue Delta Jeans is a custom pant maker based in the USA. Every pant is made one-of-one using your unique measurements, sewn by hand in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Shop Blue Delta

(Update 07/19/2024)
Two brands on this list ceased operations in 2024:
Detroit Denim
Texas Jeans

Why is owning a jeans factory relevant to this list?

People who care about Made in USA jeans, not only care where the jeans are made, they care about the values behind the brands that make them.

Owning and operating a jean factory in the USA requires a commitment to people, physical labor, machines, and craft. This list spotlights the brands and people who have fully committed to the hard work of making jeans in America by operating a factory.

There are other brands that are also committed to making jeans in the USA and they use 3rd-party factories in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and El Paso (among other cities). We list them below.

Other Made in USA jeans brands

The following brands also make jeans in the USA.

In alphabetical order:

All American Clothing Co. (Arcanum, OH) – under $100

All USA Clothing (Keego Harbor, MI) – under $100

American Giant (San Francisco, CA) – over $100

Bullet Blues (Coral Springs, FL) – over $100

Bridge and Boro (Manhasset, NY) – over $100

Bravestar (El Segundo, CA) – Jeans – over $100

Diamond Gusset (Bon Aqua, TN) – under $100

Freenote Clothing (San Juan Capistrano, CA) – over $200

Ginew (Portland, OR) – over $200

Gustin (San Francisco, CA) – over $100

Imogene and Willie (Nashville, TN) – over $200

Left Field NYC (New York, NY) – over $200

Origin Maine (Farmington, ME) – over $100

Rogue Territory (Los Angeles, CA) – over $200

Tellason (San Francisco, CA) – over $200

3sixteen (Los Angeles, CA) – over $200

To suggest that a brand be considered for this list, please email To see a complete list of American made clothing brands, click here.

The origin of American-made jeans

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were granted a US patent to add rivets to men’s work pants, creating the first Made in USA jean in 1873. Nearly 150 years later, jeans have evolved from their workwear roots to an everyday American clothing essential.


Todd Shelton is men’s clothing brand based in New Jersey. Founded by Tennessee native Todd Shelton, the brand’s collections offer industry-leading fits that are manufactured in the company’s NJ factory and sold exclusively online.

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