SOLD OUT El Capitan Navy

$290 Free shipping & Free returns

Wool trousers

  • Multiple thigh fits
  • Rise options
  • Slim or straight leg
  • Lengths from 26-38
  • Free personal fit planning
  • Free shipping
  • Made in USA 


Many of us still need to wear trousers to work. Trousers feel professional and serious, they set a tone jeans and khakis can’t. For some businesses, trousers still make a lot of sense.

But as office dress codes relax, we can begin to think differently about trousers. They no longer need to look like half of a suit, they can have a style all their own.

We’ve made some changes to El Cap heading into 2020. As you’ve probably read, we want our new collection to work together, we want all of our shirts to work with all of our pants. The previous El Cap worked well with dressier poplin shirts, but struggled to find perfect harmony with shirt fabrics like oxford and chambray.

The new El Cap is a little heavier. It still matches beautifully with poplins, and now oxfords and chambrays too.

We want El Cap to be fun to wear, something you reach for on date night or for a dinner party, not just for work. And it’s possible that can happen, that’s the future we want for El Cap and you.

  • 100% Wool
  • Zip fly
  • Dry clean only 
  • Lined to knee
  • Two back welt pockets
  • Fabric from England
  • Pants made in USA

Estimated delivery date: July 8, 2024 (in 10 business days)