Black Selvedge Jean

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  • Made in USA (East Rutherford, NJ)

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  • Made in USA (East Rutherford, NJ)
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  • Design & Fabric

    Like every Todd Shelton product, Pro Denim is designed to be best in its class. Pro Original, at 13 oz and all-cotton, is the classic weight and build for men's jean.

    Over its 10 year history, Pro Original has proven to be highly durable, holding up to years of wear and getting better with age. No other denim we have offered or tested has outperformed Pro Original.

    Pro Original is our top-selling product and the primary jean we offer customers. It has been in our collection since 2009.

      • All-cotton
      • 13 oz sanforized selvedge denim
      • Two piece curved waistband, lockstitched
      • Red selvedge ID
      • Lockstitch hemming
      • Continuous beltloops to eliminate frayed ends
      • Zip-fly is Standard (Button-fly available upon request) 
      • Pre-washed to stabilize sizing
      • Machine wash cold, inside out, hang dry
      • Denim from Japan
      • Jeans made in USA
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  • People & Environment

    Here are the ways we strive to be responsible for how our business impacts people and the environment.

    Create a respectful place for seamstresses to work
    Our seamstresses are directly employed by Todd Shelton at our East Rutherford, New Jersey factory. Our seamstresses are paid living wages for New Jersey.

    Use biodegradable fibers to protect clean water
    We source fabrics made of biodegradable fibers from England, Japan, and Portugal; countries with histories of enforcing environmental standards.

    Promote anti-inventory business models
    Our products are manufactured on-demand (made to order). On-demand accurately aligns supply and demand – minimizing resources required to manufacture unwanted inventory.

    Design high-frequency products
    We use timeless style and quality materials to design products to be worn regularly and for as long as possible.

    Respect animals
    We do not sell leather products and we avoid the unnecessary use of animal products in design.

    Design packaging to minimize environmental impact
    We design our packaging to perform the function of safe delivery while reducing what gets discared upon unboxing. We do not use decorative hang-tags or branding materials. No plastic bags are used in customer shipments.

    We're always looking to learn and improve. Learn more

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