Back to Black The act of repairing before replacing is a great step towards being a responsible consumer. Extending the life of black jeans not only reduces environmental impact, it gives you more time with your favorite jeans.

Black Jean Re-Dye Service

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This service has been discontinued.

Black jeans experience shorter lives, due to color loss, more so than any other garment. We're working to change that - by breathing new life back into your black jeans as they fade.

Each month we re-dye a batch of black jeans to help customers extend the life of their garments. We’d be happy to include your faded black jeans in our next batch. All jean brands are accepted, not just Todd Shelton jeans. We use a reactive dyeing process that keeps black jeans more black, and for longer.

  • You'll receive a pre-paid return label within one business day of placing your order
  • Please wash your jeans before shipping to us - we cannot dye unwashed jeans
  • If your jean needs repair, please contact us, repair services are offered at a charge
  • The re-dye process will dye all fabric inside the jean black - including pocket bags, logos and tags
  • Your jean will be returned to you within 15 to 30 days

For most black jeans that are faded, well-worn, and have been washed frequently, all shrinkage has been removed by your home launderings and you should not experience further shrinkage during the re-dye process. We'll take great care of your jean while it's in our hands, however, we cannot be responsible for jeans that are lost in transit or damaged during the re-dye process. In cases of lost packages or damaged jeans, we will refund the re-dye service charge.