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Todd Shelton is manufactured exclusively in the United States

Custom T-shirt Options

We spent the past two years building our first factory.  Now only a hallway separates design and manufacturing.  This new connection enabled us to rethink our t-shirt category and the results are dramatic.

The beauty of selling direct to the customer is that we get feedback instantly.  We hear what customers need – they share their wishes for product and fit, and we can react.

The brand’s first product was a long sleeve t-shirt, back in 2002.  It was unique because we offered it in two “never-seen-before” sizes:  M/L and L/XL.  These sizes were between M, L and XL.  Today, M/L and L/XL are as popular as standard sizes.  Over the years, we’ve added S/M (between S and M) and XL Plus (bigger than XL, but not quite as big as XXL).  These sizes fill a void for customers.  Additionally, these in-between sizes represent a culture of thinking about how we can make a product fit our customer’s needs better.

With the addition of the factory, we can now offer fit options never available to a customer before…from any brand.

HIGH NECK VS STANDARD NECK (for both Short and Long Sleeve T-shirts)

Standard neck is simply that, standard to how a man expects his t-shirt to fit around the neck.  High neck is unique – although it was our brands standard before.  In other words, if you bought a t-shirt from us prior to 2014, you bought a High Neck.

High neck sits higher around the neck and is designed for men who prefer the structure of a closer fitting neckline.


Standard 9-inch length is recommended for most men.  Short 7.5-inch length is designed for men with shorter arms or for men who prefer to reveal more arm.


Our Long Sleeve T-shirts are offered with the following long sleeve length: 32/33”, 34/35”, 36/37”.

ARM WIDTH (for both Short and Long Sleeve T-shirts)

Standard arm is the default selection.  Narrow arm is designed for men with lean arms or for men who prefer a fitted sleeve.

WAIST WIDTH (for both Short and Long Sleeve T-shirts)

Standard waist is the default selection.  Narrow waist is designed for customers who have large shoulders and/or a large chest and require a larger size shirt for the upper body, but prefer less fabric around the waist.

OVERALL LENGTH (for both Short and Long Sleeve T-shirts)

Previously, we offered only one t-shirt length.  Now three lengths are available:  Short, Regular, and Tall.

We(Todd Shelton) understand the variety of these new options is novel and unprecedented.   If you need assistance navigating through all these choices, please contact us without hesitation. We are here to help you.