The Secret to Men’s Clothing

Here’s the big secret to men’s clothing: the way men dress today is the same as how they’ll dress 30 years from today. To think things will change, or need to change, is to ignore history. Very little changes.

This photo is over 75 years old, this look would be current today. Albert Einstein reportedly bought several variations of the same gray suit so that he wouldn’t have to waste time deciding what to wear each day.

In men’s clothing, the wheel has been invented. It doesn’t need to be reinvented. It’s called timeless style. We define timeless style as dark-colored pants, lighter-colored shirts, solid colors, and natural fabrics — the way men have dressed successfully for generations.

The Epicness of Timeless Style

The most legendary men in history knew the secret of timeless style. The greatest architects, designers, thinkers, and artists preferred to be known for their work instead of their fashion. Dressing in the fashion trends of the day would have minimized the long-term legacy they were creating.

In 1908, Adolf Loos, an influential Austrian architect, wrote an essay titled Ornament and Crime. He defined the ornamentalist (or trend follower in today’s terms) as a “cultural laggard or a pathological case. He himself is forced to disown his work after three years. His productions are unbearable to cultured persons now, and will become so to others in a little while.”

Even more controversially Loos asserted, “The lower the standard of a people, the more lavish are its ornaments. To find beauty in form instead of making it depend on ornament is the goal towards which humanity is aspiring.”

Villa Muller by Adolf Loos, Czech Republic 1930. 90 years later, the design is modern for even today’s standards.

Adolf Loos still influences modern design today, over a hundred years later. He is quoted as saying, “Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.”

History shows us timeless style is the most modern style. Timeless style centers on classic colors and fabrics. Every generation tweaks the fits and proportions slightly to put a unique stamp on it. But at its core, timeless style remains pure for the next and future generations.

Stay Disciplined with Timeless Style

The fashion industry thrives on constant variety and change; both required to drive clothing sales. And fashion marketers are always on the prowl.

But variety creates confusion, and change is most often unnecessary in men’s clothing. We all have experiences with how variety and change in clothing have worked against us…

We find a fit and product we like, return to buy it again, and it’s not the same – if it’s there at all. Forcing us to start a new search from scratch.

We buy a fashion ‘must-have’ because it looks cool, but quickly learn it doesn’t match our personality or other garments in our wardrobe. We chalk it up to an exercise in self-discovery, but the purchase is a bust and the garment is worn very little, if ever.

Once you stop chasing trends and embrace timeless style, you’ll develop a plan to be consistent with how you dress. And you’ll begin to see the traps the men’s clothing industry sets.

Simplify Life Using Timeless Style

“I can’t, I’m too busy.” These days, these words seem to be on repeat. We struggle to find enough time to focus on our careers, our families and friends, and ourselves.

But all the things we do throughout the day can be looked at as opportunities to simplify. If we simplify enough, we can free up time and headspace for the things we really want to spend time doing.

Dressing is one of the most significant things we do each day, and it can be easily simplified. By using traditional rules of timeless style, we can create a stable wardrobe that is positively predictable and simple – and frees up time.

If you have a personal story about simplifying your clothing, we’d love to hear from you – if it ended in success or not. Please reach out to us at

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