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Todd Shelton is manufactured exclusively in the United States

How Empathy Makes Us Fit Experts

Since our first order in 2002, we’ve asked one question more than any other…‘how did it fit?’ And more than a decade later, this culture of listening and accommodating, has made us fit experts and helped create the industry-leading fit options we offer today. Here’s why and how:

We’ve Got Your Size

We’ve never said, ‘we can’t fit you’ to a customer. We’ve heard men say, ‘I can’t wear your clothes, they’re not made for people like me.’ This is an incorrect assumption. Size isn’t our focus, we’ve got your size. Our focus is great fit, in any and all sizes. And the value we provide as fit experts, is our ability to tweak sizing to give you a garment you’ll wear religiously.

We are an anomaly in the fashion industry. No other brand makes its entire collection in an in-house factory. We have more than a decade of studying and testing pant and shirt fits—and most importantly, we have our factory where we make specialized fits a reality.

The reason the brand exists comes from Todd’s interest in how clothing changes the psychology of the wearer. With the right clothing, a person’s self-esteem rises. With the wrong clothing, a person’s self-esteem drops. We firmly believe in the old adage ‘the clothes make the man.’ Few products can change the self-esteem of a person more than clothing. Therefore, if our product raises our customers’ self-esteem, we’ve done meaningful work.

If you would like to wear Todd Shelton, but think you can’t, reach out to begin a fit discussion:

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