Straight Leg Jeans vs. Narrow Leg Jeans

Do you wear Straight Leg Jeans? Would you consider going narrow?

It’s a topic we would like you to consider: Straight Leg Jeans vs. Narrow Leg Jeans. It’s one of the bigger philosophical style decisions you’ll make.

But we’re not taking sides in the straight leg debate, we simply want to challenge you to think about your personal style.

You’re probably familiar with straight leg jeans–you’ve worn them and been comfortable in them. Straight leg is a classic, widely accepted, and current look.

But could a narrow leg jean be a suitable style for you? Possibly more suitable?

Todd Shelton straight leg vs. narrow leg

Control your lower leg fit with Todd Shelton’s Knee-to-Ankle fit option.

IMPORTANT:  Narrow Leg Jeans Are Not Skinny Jeans

A narrow leg jean, and how we interpret it in our jean collection, simply means reduced fullness from the knee down to the bottom opening. That’s all.

A narrow lower leg doesn’t impact the waist, seat, crotch, or thigh fit. Only the knee and bottom opening of the jean are brought in slightly.

To determine if a narrow leg is right for you, put on a pair of straight leg jeans and pinch ¾” inch at the knee. Next, pinch 1″ inch at the ankle opening, then evaluate the look and feel.

A narrow leg is a simple fit adjustment. It’s not a dramatic shift in our jean fit philosophy. And if you choose a narrow fit, it won’t represent a dramatic shift in your personal style.

The reduced fullness from knee to the bottom opening results in cleaner lines. To some, narrow jeans are more current. Potentially, more fashion forward.

Narrow jeans have been in style for decades, they are not a passing trend. While not as widely accepted as straight leg, narrow leg jeans are still in the classic family.

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