Cotton Jeans vs Stretch Jeans

Most commonly, stretch denim jeans are 98% cotton and 2% stretch – the 2% stretch is made up of synthetic fibers that makes fabrics stretchy.

Todd Shelton All-Cotton Men's Jeans

For years, we’ve made all-cotton denim jeans and stretch denim jeans. We understand how these two different denims vary in terms of style, fit, and customer.

Men who prefer stretch denim

Stretch denim is relatively new for men’s jeans – it was used in women’s jeans well before men’s. For men, it entered the mainstream about a decade ago and is becoming more popular than all-cotton jeans. Stretch denim jeans are popular because they’re comfortable. Men who prefer stretch denim prioritize comfort with their clothing.

Men who prefer all-cotton denim

All-cotton denim is the American classic – it looks, feels, and breaks-in the way we have learned to believe a jean should. The look of all-cotton denim jeans is different than stretch jeans. And all-cotton denim feels sturdier compared softer stretch denim. Men who prefer all-cotton denim don’t see a need to mess with a good thing.

Why we prefer all-cotton jeans

Our reputation at Todd Shelton is built on making consistent fitting clothes, order-to-order, year-after-year. After years working with stretch denim, we determined the fabric is too unstable to consistently meet our specifications.

During the washing process, stretch denim shrinks and stretches unpredictably. All-cotton denim is predictable, we know exactly what to expect during washing.

We offered stretch jeans because we saw them becoming more popular and we wanted to understand the fabric. The main advantage of stretch denim (comfort) never excited us, because we don’t think all-cotton jeans are uncomfortable.

We understand the value of stretch denim. But for style and fit focused men, we believe all-cotton denim provides the best results.

If you have thoughts on stretch denim vs cotton denim, we’d love to hear from you – regardless of which you’ve chosen and why. Please reach out to us at

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