Do-It-Yourself Shirt Measuring

Do It Yourself Shirt Measuring Guide

Shirt measuring is an easy way to determine what size shirt to order. You can use your best fitting shirt to find your new fit. The Todd Shelton brand encourages customers to follow this evaluation process prior to ordering shirts.

Chest Shirt Measuring

Chest is the shirt’s primary size measurement. To determine chest size,  button the shirt fully, lay it on a flat surface and smooth out any creases. At one inch below the armhole, measure across the chest. 

Shirt measurements for Todd Shelton shirts. Full sizing charts can be found here.

SizeNeck SizeJacket SizeChest WidthShoulderPlacket LengthSleeve Length
XS/S14-153618 1/21724 1/233
S153719 1/217 1/22534
S/M15-163820 1/21825 1/234
M163921 1/218 1/22635
M/L164022 1/21926 1/235
L16-174123 1/219 1/22735
L/XL16-174224 1/22027 1/235
XL17-184325 1/220 1/22835
XL/XXL17-184426 1/22128 1/235
XXL184527 1/221 1/22935

Shirts taper 1/2″ at the stomach in relation to chest measurements.

Shoulder Measuring

To determine shoulder measurement, keep the shirt buttoned fully, lay front side down and measure straight across from left top shoulder point to right top shoulder point.

Sleeve Length Measuring

To determine sleeve length you will need two measurements: shoulder and sleeve. Measure across the shoulder–from shoulder seam to shoulder seam–and take half of this measurement. Next, measure from top shoulder point to the end of the cuff. Add this measurement to half of the shoulder measurement to find your sleeve length.

32/33 = 33 1/2, stabilizing at 33 after laundering
34/35 = 35 1/2, stabilizing at 35
36/37 = 37, stabilizing at 36 1/2

Neck Measuring

Neck measurements are measured in inches. 

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