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Made in USA Clothing Brand: Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton Brand

Todd Shelton’s New Jersey factory.

Made in USA clothing brand Todd Shelton featured in New Jersey’s Star-Ledger newspaper and

Our Made in USA clothing brand was also featured by USA bloggers, The Americanologists.

Men’s Designer Todd Shelton a Custom Fit in N.J. fashion Scene  By Janelle Griffith

Todd Shelton has always had a hand in formulating his style.

As a child, he would have his mother make the clothing he designed. In his teens, Shelton became intrigued by catalog shopping. When it came time for college, he set his sights on seams — specifically, as they relate to direct-to-consumer men’s fashion.

In 2000, after graduating from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a degree in retail and consumer sciences, Shelton moved to downtown Jersey City.

Two years later, he launched the Todd Shelton line, with a focus on customized items men wear most: T-shirts, jeans, pants and dress shirts.

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Pants That Really Fit: Todd Shelton, Made in the USA


No sooner did Paul realize he needed a new pair of dress slacks than we got a notice from Todd Shelton that his company was having a pants sale. Kismet? We decided yes.
Since Shelton now has his on-site fitting room completed, we made an appointment. When we arrived it was nice to see our names on the Welcome board outside the dressing room. Little things like that make you feel appreciated. Read full story here