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Care More About How You Look in Clothing

A Note to Begin 2016

Many men are falling into a pattern of caring less about how they dress, this may be you. You can care less about style and get by in life just fine. But…caring more, understanding clothing and what you purchase, can enrich your life. I see it with customers daily.

Some reasons for caring less: society as a whole cares less about style (safety in numbers), sizes in the clothing industry have been dumbed-down (reducing your ability to care more), and most men don’t know how to care more.

You can continue to care less about style, but clothing is an important way to express yourself and it’s a necessity. Caring more, understanding clothing and what you purchase, can enrich your life.

The risks of caring less:

Makes you look average.

Tells the world you no longer want or know how to be up-to-date.

What else do you care less about? Your job, your relationships? Do you want your employees not caring about how they dress? Do you want your wife, girlfriend, or partner to not care about clothing?

The upsides of caring more:

You’ll be more attractive.

Your self-esteem will improve. Seriously. A customer recently visited us and said he was moving up the ladder at work and needed to look better. I think everyone can agree with this logic–it illustrates how dressing better can elevate your image. If this logic works for career, it can work with your relationships outside of work.

You’ll set an example for your family or kids. I would think all great American families have a culture of caring about their clothing.

You’ll engage in the visual conversation society is having through fashion. Engaging in the conversation is being a part of your community.

Caring more doesn’t mean you have to immerse yourself in fashion or style. You can start by caring more about the proper proportions of your fit: the right length of your pants, the right amount of room through your torso, the list goes on.

If you care more, you’ll see an improvement, and others will see an improvement in you. If you want to get more involved with your clothing, contact me:  todd [at] toddshelton [dot] com.  I’m happy to help.