Todd Shelton Sustainability

country of origin matters

At Todd Shelton, sustainability is a priority. We operate a sincere, socially responsible and sustainable business model. We prioritize business decisions that elevate our product, our employees and the customers who wear our clothing.

Anti-Inventory Model

The wholesale clothing industry largely operates without regulation. Over-production of cheap garments and overuse of natural resources run at epidemic levels.

Our lean manufacturing, ‘anti-inventory’ business model reacts quickly to customer demand and eliminates waste associated with over-production. Todd Shelton garments are made only after an order is placed.

Fabric Sourcing

Country of origin matters when buying fabrics. If we are unable to purchase fabrics from US suppliers, we buy only from textile mills in countries with similar labor and environmental standards as the US.

Todd Shelton fabrics originate from the US, Portugal, Japan, Germany, Italy, and England. We will not purchase fabrics from countries with irresponsible environmental or human rights laws.

Our t-shirt, trouser and sweatshirt lines are entirely made with fabrics sourced, knit and dyed in the US.

Thoughtful Measures

We avoid the unnecessary use of animal products in all of our clothing. Todd Shelton jeans have no leather patches. Shirt buttons are made from synthetic material, not animal bone.

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