Jeans for Tall Men and Custom Inseams

Tall men face challenges when buying jeans and pants. The main challenge is to finding a brand that offers modern-looking jeans with long inseams.

All Todd Shelton jeans come with custom inseam lengths.

Custom jeans for tall men

Todd Shelton jeans come with custom inseams for tall men.

Standard Inseam Sizing

Men’s fashion brands tend to sell jeans and pants in a standard length of a 34” inseam. Some of the larger men’s clothing brands—those with greater distribution—sell jeans for tall men with a 36” inseam length.

But for someone with long legs, these inseam options may not be enough. Many tall men are forced to buy custom clothing, which can be expensive and intimidating.

Todd Shelton Inseam Options

A 36” inseam length is more than enough for 99% of our customers (we base this statistic off how many customers request inseams of 37” or longer). But the remaining 1% of customers need a 37” inseam or longer. And recently, we are seeing an increase in sales of jeans for tall men.

The inseam length options listed on our jeans and pants shopping pages go up to 36 inches. However, we offer more inseam lengths, with really no limit to the lengths we can offer. Inseam lengths come in 1” increments and the following inseam options are available simply by making a note in the comments section at checkout or by emailing our support team when placing an order:

37” inseam length

38” inseam length

38”  inseam length

39” inseam length

39” inseam length

40” inseam length

These inseam lengths are available for all of our jeans and pants (sale items excluded) including raw jeans and selvedge jeans.

We are sensitive to the body variations of our customers and we are interested in hearing about your challenges. If you are a tall man who has recurring problems finding clothing, please call us at 201-340-5697 or contact us to discuss how we can help.

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