Navy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid FlannelNavy Plaid FlannelNavy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid Flannel
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Navy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid Flannel
Navy Plaid Flannel

Navy Plaid Flannel

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$225Free shipping & Free returns

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Made in America

This product is made in our East Rutherford, NJ headquarters.

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Our mission is to fit you better. If we don't, exchanges and returns are free for 60 days.

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    We offer in-between sizes, if you typically fall between standard sizes, choose an in-between size. If you prefer a slightly roomier fit, choose ½ size larger.

    Standard Fit is sized within the industry average. Slim Fit is smaller through the stomach and sleeves only. Shoulders and upper chest are the same for Standard and Slim Fits. Slim Fit is the more popular fit.

    34 and 35 are the most popular sleeve lengths.

    If you’d like our help before ordering, get a free, no-obligation fit recommendation, and we’ll respond within one business day.

    Model is 6' 3", 170 lbs. He's wearing Medium, Slim Fit, 35" Sleeve, Standard Length.

  • Product Notes

    Flannel shirt season is here. In navy and black plaid, this toned-down flannel pattern works for the office and your adventures outside the office.

    By keeping patterns subtle and tonal, we kept the flannel shirt vibe, without crossing into outdoorsy territory, making the shirt versatile for more occasions.

    Buttoned up or as an over-shirt (unbuttoned and over a t-shirt),this midweight flannel is comfortable and cozy. Pairs well with our jeans, khakis, and trousers.

    If you're a new shirt customer and you have fit questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help guide you. If you're an existing shirt customer, we recommend staying with your shirt fit profile for flannels -- you can 'order with fit history' and if you'd like to disucss any changes, we'll start the conversation during our order confirmation. 

    • All cotton, mid-weight flannel, 150 gsm
    • Pre-washed to remove shrinkage
    • Standard barrel cuffs with two buttons
    • Fused collar, cuffs, and plackets
    • Standard curved hemline
    • Dry clean or machine wash cold, hang dry, iron if desired
    • Shirt handcrafted in East Rutherford, New Jersey
    • Fabric milled in Portugal
  • Ethical Manufacturing

    Socially conscious values have always guided our business decisions.

    We’re proud to have been a responsible clothing manufacturer long before there was widespread awareness of the impact of fast fashion. Here are some ways we strive for a higher standard:

    • Our products are made by customer request only. Made-to-order is the most responsible form of environmentally friendly manufacturing. So we always fill a need, not a landfill.
    • Fabrics are sourced from countries that enforce similar labor and environmental standards as the United States. Countries like England, Italy, Japan, and Portugal with high standards and long histories of fair practices.
    • Our seamstresses are employed right here in our New Jersey factory and paid living wages. Come visit our factory and see for yourself how your clothes are made.
    • Your clothes are designed for longevity and high-frequency wear; using timeless style and quality materials. In fact, we consciously resist following short term trends.
    • We use natural, biodegradable fibers in our fabrics, lowering the risk of micro-plastics (polyester) polluting waterways. Even our sweatshirts contain only 5% polyester.
    • We respect animals and avoid the unnecessary use of animal products. No leather patches on jeans, no horn buttons. Our trousers are made from sustainable wool.
    • No plastic bags are used in customer shipments.
    • We avoid marketing practices that lead to unhealthy consumer behavior. Frequent product drops, inflate-and-slash pricing, and using words like ‘Last Chance’, can exploit consumer behavior.
    • We strive to educate others on responsible consumerism. We endorse 7 Rules, a conversation starter about how we can responsibly consume clothing.
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