Jim Dandy Oxford White

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  • Fabric from Portugal
  • Made in USA (East Rutherford, NJ)

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  • Fabric from Portugal
  • Made in USA (East Rutherford, NJ)
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  • Design & Fabric

    Like every Todd Shelton product, Jim Dandy is designed to be best in its class. Jim Dandy is an Oxford cloth shirt. It's the top-selling shirt fabric in our collection.

    Oxford shirts typically range in weight between 130 g/sm and 180 g/sm. Jim Dandy is 150 g/sm. Its yarn and fabric construction are designed to be comfortable and casual. Jim Dandy is designed to be a classic Oxford shirt, but not the stiff (tightly woven) or heavyweight variety. 

    Jim Dandy's mid-weight and relaxed sensibility allow it to match up harmoniously with jeans and khakis - generally better than poplin office shirt fabrics. Jim Dandy also matches with our mid-to-heavyweight El Capitan wool trouser (shown here in some photos).

    • All-cotton
    • 150 g/sm (grams per square meter) - this is a mid-weight Oxford shirt fabric
    • Standard barrel cuffs with two buttons
    • Fused collar, cuffs, and plackets
    • Standard curved hemline
    • Standard size products do not have chest pockets
    • Machine wash cold, hang dry, iron if desired. Dry clean or professionally launder if necessary.
    • Fabric from Portugal
    • Shirts made in USA
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  • Service

  • People & Environment

    Here are the ways we strive to be responsible for how our business impacts people and the environment.

      • Our seamstresses are directly employed by Todd Shelton at our East Rutherford, New Jersey factory. Our seamstresses are paid living wages for New Jersey, work full-time, and set their own schedules.
      • Our products are manufactured on-demand, i.e., upon customer request. On-demand accurately aligns supply and demand – and minimizes unsold and unwanted inventory.
      • We source fabrics made of biodegradable fibers from England, Japan, and Portugal; countries with histories of enforcing environmental standards.
      • We use timeless style and quality materials to design products to be worn regularly and for as long as possible.
      • We do not sell leather products and we avoid the unnecessary use of animal products in design.
      • We design our packaging to perform the function of safe delivery while reducing what gets discared upon unboxing. We do not use decorative hang-tags or branding materials. No plastic bags are used in customer shipments.

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