Premium Quality Mens Jeans made in USA

Your jeans are hand-made in our New Jersey factory (fashion brands that actually manufacturer what they design are astonishingly rare).

Founder, Todd Shelton, has developed a proprietary system of making our men’s jeans (our system differs greatly from industry standards). Todd will come in contact with every pair of jeans we make. Todd subscribes to lean manufacturing principles and he currently serves as the brand’s production manager. All of our men’s jeans (and our men’s clothing) are made in the USA in our New Jersey factory.

All of our mens jeans made in USA are designed in batches of six, each batch is made by one expert operator, it takes a total of 14 hours to complete the six jeans. Once complete, the jeans undergo a thorough evaluation by the operator.

The batch of six jeans is hand-delivered to your customer support contact. Your contact performs a final check to make sure your jeans strictly meet our target measurements. You are then notified that your jeansare shipping.

A few days after you receive your jeans, your contact will follow up to make certain you are happy. This is a good opportunity for you to do a thorough evaluation. If adjustments are necessary, we will facilitate them. If you are happy, then you’ll hear from us six weeks later for a final confirmation.