Premium Quality made in USA Dress Shirts

Your shirt is hand-made in our in-house factory. Only a wall separates the brand’s design room from the shirt production room. In-house production and direct customer relationships allow us to make a shirt that specifically meets your requirements. All of our men’s dress shirts (and our men’s clothing) are made in the USA in our New Jersey factory.

Our made in USA dress shirts are hand-made one-by-one, start to finish. It takes four hours to make one shirt complete by one expert operator. Throughout the production process, the operator is ensuring your shirt is made to your specifications.

Once complete, your shirt is delivered to your customer support representative, who will notify you that your shirt is shipping.

A few days after you receive your shirt, your contact will follow up to make certain you are happy. This is a good opportunity for you to do a thorough evaluation. If adjustments are necessary, we will facilitate them. If you are happy, then you’ll hear from us six weeks later for a final confirmation.