Stability In Simplicity. A simple, consistent wardrobe shows stability of character. Shop shirts

New Union Atlantic Shirt. A name derived from an East Coast railway air. Blue, grey, and natural colored yarns are woven together to create an effortless look men relate to. Shop this latest release

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All cotton t-shirts have been the standard for quality...traditionally. Yet questioning long-held thoughts can lead to discovery. Shop now

The work is done by one seamstress. She cares for the garment start to finish, responsible for its quality and consistency of measurements. Read more

"It's easy to see how Todd Shelton could quickly become a new favorite for any denim connoisseur." Read the rest of the story

"So what sets Todd Shelton apart? Quite a bit, actually."
Todd Shelton jeans were featured on Well Spent. A site dedicated to honestly crafted products.

Sharpen Your Saw. To's necessary to stop, evaluate, make adjustments, then start again. Fit Kit

Even for those with good judgement, reassurance is comforting. Our experience will act as your guide