Pro Original Tonal

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$275Free shipping & Free returns

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  • Design and fabric

    Like every Todd Shelton product, Pro Denim is designed to be best in its class. Pro Original, at 13 oz and all-cotton, is the classic weight and build for men's jean.

    Pro Denim is Midnight Navy, a darker shade of blue compared to indigo dyed jeans. No contrast stitching and minimal hardware create a neutral aesthetic, allowing Pro Original to be worn with a range of shirts and for different occasions.

    Over its 10 year history, Pro Original has proven to be highly durable, holding up to years of wear and getting better with age. No other denim we have offered or tested has outperformed Pro Original.

    Pro Original is our top-selling product and the primary jean we offer customers. It has been in our collection since 2009.

      • All-cotton
      • 13 oz sanforized selvedge denim
      • Two piece curved waistband, lockstitched
      • Red selvedge ID
      • Lockstitch hemming
      • Continuous beltloops to eliminate frayed ends
      • Zip-fly is Standard (Button-fly available upon request) 
      • Pre-washed to stabilize sizing
      • Machine wash cold, inside out, hang dry
      • Denim from Japan
      • Jeans made in USA
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