Hero Outfits

Having lots of choices has become an expected part of online clothes shopping. But in reality, we don’t need lots of choices, we just need the right choices. We‘ve simplified our collections to make them easy to shop and easy to wear.

We offer a disciplined range of colors to help define your look and tell a cohesive style story. It’s best to avoid unusual colors when shopping—they’re hard to match and result in fewer opportunities to wear. Simple, classic menswear colors work best.

Natural fabrics, like cotton and wool, have an old-world dignity. Performance fabrics, like polyester and stretch, can make a garment look trendy and cheap. And we’re learning these chemically-based fabrics have a negative impact on our environment.

  • 1. Find the fit options you like by trying on.
  • 2. Order anytime and we'll make you a fresh new one.
  • 3. Return the Home Try-On with a pre-paid return label.