Button Down and Point Collars for Shirts

UPDATED: 07/16/2015

You can choose between a Point Collar and a Button-Down Collar for most Todd Shelton shirts.  We wear them both, there is no right or wrong.  Let’s look at the visual and constructional differences between the two styles.

Point Collar

Stylistically, the Point Collar is less traditional than the Button-Down.

Structurally, the Point Collar is more rigid, it has two plys of fusible (adhesive plys of fabric used to add structure to garments).  This helps the collar keep its shape, notice the thickness of this collar compared to the Button-Down.

It has a non-removable, internal plastic collar stay that runs down the edge of the collar, keeping the collar edge straight.  Read more about our use of collar stays 

The placket is called a revere placket, basically the fabric is folded over, there is no seam on the outside of shirt.  We use fusible in the plackets to keep them from buckling, notice how the placket in the above image holds it shape.  Read more about how we fixed collapsing plackets

Button-Down Collar

Stylistically, the Button-Down collar is more traditional than the Point.  It feels more collegiate.

Structurally, the Button-Down collar is softer, it needs to be softer so the collar can “roll” – the nature of how the collar creates a roll shape coming from the neckband.  Yet, we still use one ply of fusible to help the collar hold its’ shape.

No collar stays are used in the Button-Down collar.

The placket is called a ‘Center Front’ placket, it is a 1 3/8” wide piece attached to the shirts body with two rows of topstitching.  This placket has one ply of fusible to keep the placket standing up.

Style note:  lately we have been wearing our Button-Down collar unbuttoned.  It relaxes the look.

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