Recommended Ways to Order Todd Shelton

Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer, we offer two ways to choose your fit options when ordering: you can let us help you choose or your can choose yourself.

Generally, we recommend letting us help. The reason is our fit options may be unfamiliar to you at first. We have developed lots of fit options and one of them may solve a particular fit problem you always encounter. But what if you don’t know about it?

Letting us help you choose fit options will give you confidence you’re making the best decision. Our statistics show customers who ask for our help in the beginning tend to find their best fit faster. Taking into account both ways of ordering, we successfully fit over 95% of our customers.

New Customers

Best order method: Home Try-On

We recommend new customers start with our free Home Try-On program. You gain a complete understanding of which fit options will result in your best fit by: 1) trying on multiple fits at once, and 2) working with a customer service fit specialist.  

Here’s how it works. You answer questions about your size and fit. We ship you two or more fit evaluation garments to try on in the comfort of your home. Next, you ask questions and communicate results to your assigned fit specialist. And finally, you return the Home Try-On to us – shipping is free and we provide pre-paid return labels and packaging.    

Upon completion, you can order right away, later, or never. It’s up to you. By ordering Home Try-On you are not committing to anything.

You can order Home Try-On on any product page.

Existing Customers

Best order method: Order Using Fit History

You don’t need to remember your fit profile, we manage it for you. Order Using Your Fit History is an ordering option on every product page. It allows you to bypass choosing sizes and indicates that you’d like for us to confirm fit options for your new order.

We look back at your order history, not just your last order, and ask you to confirm fit options by email. You have the opportunity to confirm, change, or discuss fit options before your order enters the production queue.

Over the past decade, the focus of our work has been designing tools to help customers buy great fitting clothing. Because we are a digital brand, we have developed ways to use technology along with old-fashioned customer service to successfully fit customers all over the country.

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