WSJ Promotes Light Wash Jeans for Spring

If you own a pair of Todd Shelton jeans and want them made lighter, contact us, we can bring down the color for you (charges apply) – this way, if you want a light wash jean for a few occasions, you can give new life to an older pair.

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Light Wash Jeans Spring

Photo: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

As you know by now, we only promote dark (brand-new-looking) jeans. It’s all we want to make. We’ve made light wash jeans and raw jeans for years – recently we stopped promoting both (we still make both, on request). But we know enough about jeans to know what’s best for our customer – and that’s dark jeans. We don’t see it changing, anytime soon.

We look around and see what other brands are promoting. Most brands are promoting lighter jeans and distressed jeans. We see the trend, and understand it’s a cycle of fashion. We’re not stubbornly sitting on the sidelines of this light wash/distressed jean trend. We’re just confident it’s not the right purchase for our customer.

Light Wash Jeans

Light wash jeans limit what shirts you can wear – and where you can wear them. Dark wash jeans never limit you. You’re more likely to regret buying light wash jeans (after the initial excitement wears off). You won’t regret owning dark jeans.

Take a dark jean, break it in yourself – be disciplined with how often you wash it. In a year or two, it will look lighter and distressed. It will look ‘real.’ You can’t fake a distressed jean. There’s no substitute for breaking in a jean yourself…it requires long-term wear.

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