How an American icon wore narrow jeans

Integrating Narrow Jeans Into Your Look

Maybe some men believe narrow jeans are trendy.

Maybe some believe narrow jeans are only for the skinny.

Or maybe some think they’re not masculine enough.

But sometimes it’s not a bad idea to challenge beliefs.  Many times, challenging beliefs allows us to improve.

Here’s a video clip of Clint Eastwood that effectively counters the belief that narrow jeans are trendy, only for the skinny, or not masculine:

Focus on Clint Eastwood’s pants.  They are narrow!  And the hem is high (possibly above the ankle).

So, narrow jeans looked cool in 1965 – and everyday in-between then and now.  Additionally, I am not sure anyone would label Clint Eastwood skinny or not masculine enough.

This clip is from the 1965 classic western, For a Few Dollars More.  It was one of three westerns that, combined, formed somewhat of a trilogy, the other two movies that made up the trilogy were: A Fist Full of Dollars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.   These films were considered spaghetti westerns because they were filmed by an Italian director (Sergio Leone).  These movies were mainly filmed in Spain.

For a Few Dollars More is nearly 50 years old.  The style in the clip we show is magnificent.  The style throughout the trilogy is magnificent.  It’s a reflection of Italian style.  Compare the style of these three westerns to westerns that were being made in Hollywood at the same time, the difference is clear.

There is something we can learn from how Clint wears his clothing in this movie (as well as how he moves and reacts).

And there’s something that American men can learn from Italian men, about style.  We don’t need to copy them, but we can pay attention, and possibly be influenced.

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