Dizzain.com, our web design team

I launched the Todd Shelton brand in 2002. In 2005, I started working with Dizzain.com. That’s ten years. I believe it’s the longest running working relationship we’ve had.

I remember my first meeting with Alex Krasner from Dizzain.com, it was at a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan, a mutual friend who worked at a tech magazine set up the meeting.

Whatever I was searching for in that meeting: compatibility, believing in a person, I found it. Because it’s not often you build business relationships that last for years.

Since that meeting, we’ve been in constant contact. They handle my fun perfectionism with grace. For example, I’ll ask them to tweak a margin 5 pixels (an unnoticeable amount) and the next day let them know I’ve given it lots of thought and decided that we shouldn’t tweak the margin 😉

Aside from their patience, they’re smart, they care, they’re loyal, they get involved, and they’re very good at what they do.

If there’s any team that I consider partners with the Todd Shelton brand, it’s the Dizzain.com team. We’re proud of them and we love em. And I thought you should know them.

PS. We just started our fourth redesign project. This one will be our best!

Alex Krasner, CEO of Dizzain.com visit visit Todd Shelton new production house in East Rutherford, NJ

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