Why Todd Shelton Doesn’t Wholesale

People frequently ask, “What stores are you in?” or “Why don’t you wholesale?” Simply put, we don’t sell to retail stores because our prices would nearly double!

Here’s a hypothetical and simplistic example of how wholesaling would affect our prices: fabric and construction of a Todd Shelton shirt will cost $50, we sell that shirt to our customer for $99. If we sold much larger quantities to a retail store, we may sell the shirts for $76. Then the retail store would more than double their cost and sell the shirt for $179. But the retail store would not allow the shirt to be sold on the Todd Shelton site for $99 if they have it in their store at $179. So we would need to raise our prices at Todd Shelton to be comparable with the retail stores.

If we decided to wholesale, we could increase our sales considerably. We could gain nationwide exposure quickly. But our prices would go up, and the good value for our customer would be lost. If we sold to retail stores and maintained a $179 shirt price, we would need to position Todd Shelton as “exclusive” or a “luxury” brand – and that’s not our intention. If we sold to retail stores and wanted to maintain a $99 shirt price, we would need to move production from the United States to China to lower cost, we would also need to use less expensive fabric.

So why are we not in stores? To give our customer serious quality at a good price. To give our customer a product with a more interesting heritage; made in the United States. To give our customer a more rewarding shopping experience; buying directly from the people that make the product. And finally, to have more control over how our product is represented and sold.

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