Business Schedule During Covid-19

The factory and customer service are operating.

Our production, customer service, and shipping are all operating normal hours. Some of our staff is out due to having young children at home. Due to the factory making PPE, delivery times for some products are seeing delays. We will work to keep delivery times normal upon custom request, if you need a product by a certain date, please reach out or let us know during order confirmation.

Thank you to all the front line medical workers and their families, researchers, grocery store workers, government agencies, and anyone in the trenches or helping the people in the trenches.

We’ll be using this article to update our community on how the pandemic is affecting customer orders, customer service, and our company. If you have questions or suggestions about how we can help, please email us or call 844-626-6355.

05/09/2020: Masks for Customers

In early April, we believed the best way our factory could help our community was to make masks…temporarily. We made and shipped over 1,000 masks, free of charge, to customers and others in our community.  

Today, it looks like masks will be necessary…indefinitely. So as a company, we need a sustainable plan to serve our community with masks. We have updated our mask design and created a product page so you can order online. Price is $18, shipping is free. Shop now

05/02/2020: Masks for Businesses

We’re now making masks for businesses and restaurants. If you need non-medical grade masks for your staff or customers, please email us the details of your project and we’ll respond within one day.  Email, visit our contact page, or call 844-626-6355.

04/17/2020: PPE for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

We we’re contacted by Johns Hopkins nearly two weeks ago, they needed a supplier for elastic bands that attach to face shields. We we’re approved to make the bands with slots for the bands to attach to the shield. Our first shipment will be sent next week.

04/02/2020: Non-medical grade masks.

Through our newsletter we offered to make non-medical grade masks for customers and others in our community. We asked people to request 2 masks only initially, with additional requests met after the first wave of masks mailed.

No purchase was necessary to request a mask. A special thanks to those who helped make the mask project free to all. If you need a mask for you or your family, please email us.

03/24/2020: Opportunities to help with masks.

In the past few days, we’ve made mask samples, contacted machine suppliers, and started a search for medical-grade non-woven fabric.

We’ve asked NJ politicians, the Governor, and both Senators if we can help. We’ve contacted NJ hospitals and the NJ Dept of Health.

We contacted a customer who helps run a hospital in Queens, NY and asked if we can make masks. He replied, “FEMA just arrived with additional masks, we are good for now. Thank you!!!!”

We’re continuing to look for opportunities to help.  

03/22/2020: Searching for medical-grade fabric.

We started a search for medical-grade fabric to make the health care products our local community may need right now. If you know where these raw materials may be available, please contact us.

We don’t know the exact needs – or if organizations are willing to accept products (masks, gowns, booties) without medical certification, but we’ve reached out to government agencies requesting that information. If you have any information regarding this, please contact us.

We understand large manufacturer’s are preparing supply chains to properly address health care industry needs. Our effort is to use our factory and expertise to help until that bigger help arrives.

03/21/2020: New Jersey Governor Murphy exempted manufacturing from the state closure.

Today, we reached out to New Jersey state officials offering our factory and team to help any way we can. We have 55 sewing machines and trained sewing operators. We’ll post updates here.

We expect customer service to operate as normal. Production will be limited to maintain social distancing. Delays in production are expected, we will confirm revised ship dates during order confirmation.

03/18/2020: Donations to NYC and New Jersey-based food banks.

Throughout March, 5% of all orders will be donated to New York and New Jersey-based food banks: City Harvest and CFBNJ. Both organizations need help responding to the Covid-19 crisis. Beginning in April, we’ll re-evaluate how our community can best help.

03/18/2020: Changing shipping addresses.

With many of you working from home, you may need to change your shipping address. If you have an order in queue and you need to change your address, please let us know.

Stay safe. And keep in touch.

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